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Published: Feb 3, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



var (
	SystemErrs     = NewBenchErrors()
	InitializeErrs = NewBenchErrors()
	PreTestErrs    = NewBenchErrors()
	BenchmarkErrs  = NewBenchErrors()
	FinalCheckErrs = NewBenchErrors()

func NewApplicationError

func NewApplicationError(err error, msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewCriticalError

func NewCriticalError(err error, msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewHTTPStatusCodeError

func NewHTTPStatusCodeError(req *http.Request, resp *http.Response, wantStatusCode int) error

func NewSimpleApplicationError

func NewSimpleApplicationError(msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewSimpleCriticalError

func NewSimpleCriticalError(msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewTemporaryError

func NewTemporaryError(err error, msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewTimeoutError

func NewTimeoutError(err error, msg string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewWrapError

func NewWrapError(err error, msg string, args ...interface{}) error

NewWrapError は、指定エラーのcodeを引き継いで、メッセージをラッピングします

type BenchErrors

type BenchErrors struct {
	Msgs         []string
	InternalMsgs []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBenchErrors

func NewBenchErrors() *BenchErrors

func (*BenchErrors) AddError

func (errs *BenchErrors) AddError(err error) error

func (*BenchErrors) DumpCounters

func (errs *BenchErrors) DumpCounters()

func (*BenchErrors) IsError

func (errs *BenchErrors) IsError() bool

IsError は、エラーが発生したか否かを返します

func (*BenchErrors) IsFailure

func (errs *BenchErrors) IsFailure() bool

IsFailure は失格したか否かを返します

func (*BenchErrors) Penalty

func (errs *BenchErrors) Penalty() int64

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