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Package userlist provide a static configuration based authentication system

Each user has a set of ACLs that are applied to the generated token, ACL strings have to comply with the signer you choose, refer to signer documentation for details.



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type Authenticator

type Authenticator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Authenticator is a authenticator with a basic fixed list of users and bcrypt encrypted passwords

func New

func New(c *AuthenticatorConfig, log *logrus.Entry, site string) (a *Authenticator, err error)

New creates an instance of the authenticator

func (*Authenticator) Login

func (a *Authenticator) Login(req *models.LoginRequest) (resp *models.LoginResponse)

Login logs someone in using a configured user list

type AuthenticatorConfig

type AuthenticatorConfig struct {
	Users         []*User `json:"users"`
	UsersFile     string  `json:"users_file"`
	TokenValidity string  `json:"validity"`
	SigningKey    string  `json:"signing_key"`

AuthenticatorConfig configures the user/pass authenticator

type User

type User struct {
	// Username in plain text
	Username string `json:"username"`

	// Password is a bcrypted password
	Password string `json:"password"`

	// Organization is a org name the user belongs to
	Organization string `json:"organization"`

	// ACLs are for the action list authorizer
	ACLs []string `json:"acls"`

	// OPAPolicy is a string holding a Open Policy Agent rego policy
	OPAPolicy string `json:"opa_policy"`

	// OPAPolicyFile is the path to a rego file to embed as the policy for this user
	OPAPolicyFile string `json:"opa_policy_file"`

	// Properties are free form additional information to add about a user, this can be
	// referenced later in an authorizer like the Open Policy one
	Properties map[string]string `json:"properties"`


User is a choria user

func (*User) OpenPolicy

func (u *User) OpenPolicy() (policy string, err error)

OpenPolicy retrieves the OPA Policy either from `OPAPolicy` or by reading the file in `OPAPolicyFile`

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