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Package strkey is an implementation of StrKey, the address scheme for the StellarNetwork.



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const (
	//VersionByteAccountID is the version byte used for encoded stellar addresses
	VersionByteAccountID VersionByte = 6 << 3 // Base32-encodes to 'G...'

	//VersionByteSeed is the version byte used for encoded stellar seed
	VersionByteSeed = 18 << 3 // Base32-encodes to 'S...'

	//VersionByteHashTx is the version byte used for encoded stellar hashTx
	//signer keys.
	VersionByteHashTx = 19 << 3 // Base32-encodes to 'T...'

	//VersionByteHashX is the version byte used for encoded stellar hashX
	//signer keys.
	VersionByteHashX = 23 << 3 // Base32-encodes to 'X...'


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var ErrInvalidVersionByte = errors.New("invalid version byte")

ErrInvalidVersionByte is returned when the version byte from a provided strkey-encoded string is not one of the valid values.


func Decode

func Decode(expected VersionByte, src string) ([]byte, error)

Decode decodes the provided StrKey into a raw value, checking the checksum and ensuring the expected VersionByte (the version parameter) is the value actually encoded into the provided src string.

func Encode

func Encode(version VersionByte, src []byte) (string, error)

Encode encodes the provided data to a StrKey, using the provided version byte.

func MustDecode

func MustDecode(expected VersionByte, src string) []byte

MustDecode is like Decode, but panics on error

func MustEncode

func MustEncode(version VersionByte, src []byte) string

MustEncode is like Encode, but panics on error


type VersionByte

type VersionByte byte

VersionByte represents one of the possible prefix values for a StrKey base string--the string the when encoded using base32 yields a final StrKey.

func Version

func Version(src string) (VersionByte, error)

Version extracts and returns the version byte from the provided source string.

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