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var (
	ErrMissingType = New("missing 'type'")
	ErrUnknownType = New("unknown type")
	ErrPing        = New("ping requires 'ping'")

	ErrBindFirst = New("must bind first")
	ErrBound     = New("already bound")
	ErrBindAppID = New("bind requires 'appid'")
	ErrBindSide  = New("bind requires 'side'")

	ErrAlreadyAllocated  = New("you already allocated one, don't be greedy")
	ErrAlreadyClaimed    = New("only one claim per connection")
	ErrAlreadyReleased   = New("only one release per connection")
	ErrClaimNameplate    = New("claim requires 'nameplate'")
	ErrReleaseNameplate  = New("release and claim must use same nameplate")
	ErrReleaseNotClaimed = New("release without nameplate must follow claim")

	ErrAlreadyOpened  = New("only one open per connection")
	ErrOpenMailbox    = New("open requires 'mailbox'")
	ErrOpenFirst      = New("must open mailbox before adding")
	ErrAddPhase       = New("missing 'phase'")
	ErrAddBody        = New("missing 'body'")
	ErrAlreadyClosed  = New("only one close per connection")
	ErrCloseMailbox   = New("open and close must use same mailbox")
	ErrCloseOpenFirst = New("close without mailbox must follow open")

	ErrNameplateCrowded = New("nameplate crowded")
	ErrReclaimNameplate = New("you cannot re-claim a nameplate that your side previously released")
	ErrMailboxCrowded   = New("mailbox crowded")

Common error types, most of these are copied from the python version directly in case clients reference them directly

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var ErrInternal = errors.New("internal server error")

ErrInternal is delivered to the client instead of whatever server generated error would be, this is to purposely be vague to the client since it isn't their problem anyways


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type ClientError

type ClientError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ClientError shadows a normal error so we can check against internal errors vs. client errors. Client errors get written direct to the client as is

func New

func New(msg string) ClientError

New creates and returns a new ClientError with the provided message

func (ClientError) Error

func (e ClientError) Error() string

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