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func IsShardInLocal

func IsShardInLocal(shardId int, selfServerId int, clusterSize int, replicationFactor int) bool

IsShardInLocal returns true if the tuple if shard should be on current server

func ShardListContains

func ShardListContains(shards []ClusterShard, targetShard ClusterShard) bool

ShardListContains check whether shards contains one target shard


type BootstrapPlan

type BootstrapPlan struct {
	// 1. bootstrapSource the shard should read missing data from.
	//   If a list of bootstrap, pickBestBootstrapSource determines whether it should pick the best, or read all and filter
	// 2. transitionalFollowSource the shard should follow these shards, with its filter(always use the follower's filter)
	BootstrapSource          []ClusterShard
	PickBestBootstrapSource  bool
	TransitionalFollowSource []ClusterShard
	FromClusterSize          int
	ToClusterSize            int

BootstrapPlan contains detailed plan to bootstrap one shard.

func BootstrapPlanWithTopoChange

func BootstrapPlanWithTopoChange(req *BootstrapRequest) (plan *BootstrapPlan)

BootstrapPlanWithTopoChange builds the bootstrap plan based on the bootstrap request.

func (*BootstrapPlan) String

func (plan *BootstrapPlan) String() string

type BootstrapRequest

type BootstrapRequest struct {
	ServerId          int
	ShardId           int
	FromClusterSize   int
	ToClusterSize     int
	ReplicationFactor int

BootstrapRequest is a request to bootstrap one shard.

type Cluster

type Cluster struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cluster manages one cluster topology

func NewCluster

func NewCluster(keyspace string, expectedSize int, replicationFactor int) *Cluster

NewCluster creates a new cluster.

func (*Cluster) CurrentSize

func (cluster *Cluster) CurrentSize() int

CurrentSize returns the cluster current size

func (*Cluster) Debug

func (cluster *Cluster) Debug(prefix string)

Debug prints out the detailed info of the cluster.

func (*Cluster) ExpectedSize

func (cluster *Cluster) ExpectedSize() int

ExpectedSize returns the expected size of the cluster

func (*Cluster) FindShardId

func (cluster *Cluster) FindShardId(keyHash uint64) int

FindShardId calculates a Jump hash for the keyHash provided

func (*Cluster) GetAllShards

func (cluster *Cluster) GetAllShards() []LogicalShardGroup

GetAllShards returns a list of all logic shard groups.

func (*Cluster) GetNextCluster

func (cluster *Cluster) GetNextCluster() *Cluster

GetNextCluster returns the next cluster

func (*Cluster) GetNode

func (cluster *Cluster) GetNode(shardId int, replica int) (*pb.ClusterNode, bool)

GetNode returns the server having the shard. replica denotes the shard replica.

func (*Cluster) RemoveNextCluster

func (cluster *Cluster) RemoveNextCluster()

RemoveNextCluster clears the pointer to the next cluster

func (*Cluster) RemoveShard

func (cluster *Cluster) RemoveShard(store *pb.StoreResource, shard *pb.ShardInfo) (storeDeleted bool)

RemoveShard returns true if no other shards is on this store

func (*Cluster) RemoveStore

func (cluster *Cluster) RemoveStore(store *pb.StoreResource) (removedShards []*pb.ShardInfo)

RemoveStore removes the server from the cluster. It returns the shards which were on the server.

func (*Cluster) ReplaceShard

func (cluster *Cluster) ReplaceShard(newStore *pb.StoreResource, shard *pb.ShardInfo) (isReplaced bool)

ReplaceShard ReplaceShard the shardInfo on the server in the cluster. It returns true if the operation is successful.

func (*Cluster) ReplicationFactor

func (cluster *Cluster) ReplicationFactor() int

ReplicationFactor returns the replication factor of the cluster

func (*Cluster) SetExpectedSize

func (cluster *Cluster) SetExpectedSize(expectedSize int)

SetExpectedSize sets the expected size of the cluster

func (*Cluster) SetNextCluster

func (cluster *Cluster) SetNextCluster(expectedSize int, replicationFactor int) *Cluster

SetNextCluster creates a new cluster and sets the size and replication factor

func (*Cluster) SetReplicationFactor

func (cluster *Cluster) SetReplicationFactor(replicationFactor int)

SetReplicationFactor sets the replication factor of the cluster

func (*Cluster) SetShard

func (cluster *Cluster) SetShard(store *pb.StoreResource, shard *pb.ShardInfo) (oldShardInfo *pb.ShardInfo)

SetShard sets the tuple of server and shardInfo to the cluster. It returns the previous shardInfo if found.

func (*Cluster) String

func (cluster *Cluster) String() string

func (*Cluster) ToCluster

func (cluster *Cluster) ToCluster() *pb.Cluster

ToCluster converts the cluster into pb.Cluster object

func (*Cluster) WithConnection

func (cluster *Cluster) WithConnection(name string, serverId int, fn func(*pb.ClusterNode, *grpc.ClientConn) error) error

WithConnection dials a connection to a server in the cluster by serverId

type ClusterShard

type ClusterShard struct {
	ShardId  int
	ServerId int

ClusterShard has the tuple of server id and shard id in a cluster.

func LocalShards

func LocalShards(selfServerId int, clusterSize int, replicationFactor int) (shards []ClusterShard)

LocalShards list shards that local node should have

func PartitionShards

func PartitionShards(selfServerId int, selfShardId int, clusterSize int, replicationFactor int) (shards []ClusterShard)

PartitionShards list shards that belongs to the same partition

func PeerShards

func PeerShards(selfServerId int, selfShardId int, clusterSize int, replicationFactor int) (peers []ClusterShard)

PeerShards list peer shards that are on other cluster nodes

func (ClusterShard) String

func (shard ClusterShard) String() string

type LogicalShardGroup

type LogicalShardGroup []*pb.ClusterNode

LogicalShardGroup is a list of shards with the same shard id

func (LogicalShardGroup) String

func (shards LogicalShardGroup) String() string

type VastoNodes

type VastoNodes []*pb.ClusterNode

VastoNodes are the servers in a cluster

func (VastoNodes) WithConnection

func (nodes VastoNodes) WithConnection(name string, serverId int, fn func(*pb.ClusterNode, *grpc.ClientConn) error) error

WithConnection dials a connection to a server of the cluster nodes by serverId


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