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type Logger

type Logger struct {

Logger doesn't log anything

func NewLogger

func NewLogger() *Logger

NewLogger creates a new Logger

func (*Logger) Debug

func (l *Logger) Debug(message string)

Debug logs a DEBUG message

func (*Logger) Debugf

func (l *Logger) Debugf(message string, props log.Props)

Debugf logs a DEBUG message

func (*Logger) Error

func (l *Logger) Error(err error)

Error logs a ERROR message

func (*Logger) Errorf

func (l *Logger) Errorf(message string, props log.Props)

Errorf logs a ERROR message

func (*Logger) Info

func (l *Logger) Info(message string)

Info logs a INFO message

func (*Logger) Infof

func (l *Logger) Infof(message string, props log.Props)

Infof logs a INFO message

func (*Logger) IsEnabled

func (l *Logger) IsEnabled(level log.Level) bool

IsEnabled returns true if given level is enabled

func (*Logger) New

func (l *Logger) New() log.Logger

New returns a copy of current logger with empty context

func (*Logger) SetLevel

func (l *Logger) SetLevel(level log.Level)

SetLevel increases/decreases current log level

func (*Logger) SetProperty

func (l *Logger) SetProperty(key string, value interface{})

SetProperty with given key:value into current logger context

func (*Logger) Warn

func (l *Logger) Warn(message string)

Warn logs a WARN message

func (*Logger) Warnf

func (l *Logger) Warnf(message string, props log.Props)

Warnf logs a WARN message

func (*Logger) Write

func (l *Logger) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

Write writes len(p) bytes from p to the underlying data stream.

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