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func FormatHealthStatusResponse

func FormatHealthStatusResponse(w io.Writer, sr *models.HealthStatusResponse, printAll, succinct, verbose bool, maxLines int)

FormatHealthStatusResponse writes a HealthStatusResponse as a string to the writer.

'printAll', if true, causes all nodes to be printed regardless of status 'succinct', if true, causes node health to be output as one line per node 'verbose', if true, overrides 'succinct' and prints all information 'maxLines', if nonzero, determines the maximum number of lines to print

func GetAndFormatHealthStatus

func GetAndFormatHealthStatus(w io.Writer, succinct, verbose bool, maxLines int)

GetAndFormatHealthStatus fetches the health status from the cilium-health daemon via the default channel and formats its output as a string to the writer.

'succinct', 'verbose' and 'maxLines' are handled the same as in FormatHealthStatusResponse().

func GetHostPrimaryAddress

func GetHostPrimaryAddress(node *models.NodeStatus) *models.PathStatus

GetHostPrimaryAddress returns the PrimaryAddress for the Host within node. If node.Host is nil, returns nil.

func Hint

func Hint(err error) error

Hint tries to improve the error message displayed to the user.

func PathIsHealthy

func PathIsHealthy(cp *models.PathStatus) bool

PathIsHealthy checks whether ICMP and TCP(HTTP) connectivity to the given path is available.


type Client

type Client struct {

Client is a client for cilium health

func NewClient

func NewClient(host string) (*Client, error)

NewClient creates a client for the given `host`.

func NewDefaultClient

func NewDefaultClient() (*Client, error)

NewDefaultClient creates a client with default parameters connecting to UNIX domain socket.

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