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Package k8sapi contains logic to retrive pods running on local node



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var ErrInformerNotSynced = errors.New("discovery: informer not synced")

ErrInformerNotSynced indicates that it has not synced with API server yet


func CreateKubeClient

func CreateKubeClient(apiserver string, kubeconfig string) (clientset.Interface, error)

CreateKubeClient creates a k8s client


type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller defines global context for discovery controller

func NewController

func NewController(clientset kubernetes.Interface) *Controller

NewController creats a new DiscoveryController

func (*Controller) DiscoverK8SPods

func (d *Controller) DiscoverK8SPods()

DiscoverK8SPods discovers Pods running in the cluster

func (*Controller) K8SGetLocalPodIPs

func (d *Controller) K8SGetLocalPodIPs() ([]*K8SPodInfo, error)

K8SGetLocalPodIPs return the list of pods running on the local nodes

type K8SAPIs

type K8SAPIs interface {
	K8SGetLocalPodIPs() ([]*K8SPodInfo, error)

K8SAPIs defines interface to use kubelet introspection API

type K8SPodInfo

type K8SPodInfo struct {
	// Name is pod's name
	Name string
	// Namespace is pod's namespace
	Namespace string
	// Container is pod's container id
	Container string
	// IP is pod's ipv4 address
	IP  string
	UID string

K8SPodInfo provides pod info


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Package mock_k8sapi is a generated GoMock package.
Package mock_k8sapi is a generated GoMock package.

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