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const (
	HealthUnknown  = "unknown"
	HealthPassing  = "passing"
	HealthWarning  = "warning"
	HealthCritical = "critical"
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const (
	KVSSet        KVSOp = "set"
	KVSDelete           = "delete"
	KVSDeleteTree       = "delete-tree"
	KVSCAS              = "cas" // Check-and-set


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var (
	ErrNoLeader  = fmt.Errorf("No cluster leader")
	ErrNoDCPath  = fmt.Errorf("No path to datacenter")
	ErrNoServers = fmt.Errorf("No known Consul servers")


func Decode

func Decode(buf []byte, out interface{}) error

Decode is used to decode a MsgPack encoded object

func Encode

func Encode(t MessageType, msg interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Encode is used to encode a MsgPack object with type prefix


type BlockingQuery

type BlockingQuery struct {
	// If set, wait until query exceeds given index
	MinQueryIndex uint64

	// Provided with MinQueryIndex to wait for change
	MaxQueryTime time.Duration

BlockingQuery is used to block on a query and wait for a change. Either both fields, or neither must be provided.

type CheckServiceNode

type CheckServiceNode struct {
	Node    Node
	Service NodeService
	Checks  HealthChecks

CheckServiceNode is used to provide the node, it's service definition, as well as a HealthCheck that is associated

type CheckServiceNodes

type CheckServiceNodes []CheckServiceNode

type ChecksInStateRequest

type ChecksInStateRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	State      string

ChecksInStateRequest is used to query for nodes in a state

type DCSpecificRequest

type DCSpecificRequest struct {
	Datacenter string

DCSpecificRequest is used to query about a specific DC

type DeregisterRequest

type DeregisterRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	Node       string
	ServiceID  string
	CheckID    string

DeregisterRequest is used for the Catalog.Deregister endpoint to deregister a node as providing a service. If no service is provided the entire node is deregistered.

type DirEntries

type DirEntries []*DirEntry

type DirEntry

type DirEntry struct {
	CreateIndex uint64
	ModifyIndex uint64
	Key         string
	Flags       uint64
	Value       []byte

DirEntry is used to represent a directory entry. This is used for values in our Key-Value store.

type HealthCheck

type HealthCheck struct {
	Node        string
	CheckID     string // Unique per-node ID
	Name        string // Check name
	Status      string // The current check status
	Notes       string // Additional notes with the status
	ServiceID   string // optional associated service
	ServiceName string // optional service name

HealthCheck represents a single check on a given node

type HealthChecks

type HealthChecks []*HealthCheck

type IndexedCheckServiceNodes

type IndexedCheckServiceNodes struct {
	Index uint64
	Nodes CheckServiceNodes

type IndexedDirEntries

type IndexedDirEntries struct {
	Index   uint64
	Entries DirEntries

type IndexedHealthChecks

type IndexedHealthChecks struct {
	Index        uint64
	HealthChecks HealthChecks

type IndexedNodeServices

type IndexedNodeServices struct {
	Index        uint64
	NodeServices *NodeServices

type IndexedNodes

type IndexedNodes struct {
	Index uint64
	Nodes Nodes

type IndexedServiceNodes

type IndexedServiceNodes struct {
	Index        uint64
	ServiceNodes ServiceNodes

type IndexedServices

type IndexedServices struct {
	Index    uint64
	Services Services

type KVSOp

type KVSOp string

type KVSRequest

type KVSRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	Op         KVSOp    // Which operation are we performing
	DirEnt     DirEntry // Which directory entry

KVSRequest is used to operate on the Key-Value store

type KeyRequest

type KeyRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	Key        string

KeyRequest is used to request a key, or key prefix

type MessageType

type MessageType uint8
const (
	RegisterRequestType MessageType = iota

type Node

type Node struct {
	Node    string
	Address string

Used to return information about a node

type NodeService

type NodeService struct {
	ID      string
	Service string
	Tags    []string
	Port    int

NodeService is a service provided by a node

type NodeServices

type NodeServices struct {
	Node     Node
	Services map[string]*NodeService

type NodeSpecificRequest

type NodeSpecificRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	Node       string

NodeSpecificRequest is used to request the information about a single node

type Nodes

type Nodes []Node

type RegisterRequest

type RegisterRequest struct {
	Datacenter string
	Node       string
	Address    string
	Service    *NodeService
	Check      *HealthCheck

RegisterRequest is used for the Catalog.Register endpoint to register a node as providing a service. If no service is provided, the node is registered.

type ServiceNode

type ServiceNode struct {
	Node        string
	Address     string
	ServiceID   string
	ServiceName string
	ServiceTags []string
	ServicePort int

ServiceNode represents a node that is part of a service

type ServiceNodes

type ServiceNodes []ServiceNode

type ServiceSpecificRequest

type ServiceSpecificRequest struct {
	Datacenter  string
	ServiceName string
	ServiceTag  string
	TagFilter   bool // Controls tag filtering

ServiceSpecificRequest is used to query about a specific node

type Services

type Services map[string][]string

Used to return information about a provided services. Maps service name to available tags

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