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const FetchType = "fetch"

FetchType gets the series from storage


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type FetchNode

type FetchNode struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FetchNode is a fetch execution node. TODO: Make FetchNode private

func (*FetchNode) Execute

func (n *FetchNode) Execute(queryCtx *models.QueryContext) error

Execute runs the fetch node operation

type FetchOp

type FetchOp struct {
	Name     string
	Range    time.Duration
	Offset   time.Duration
	Matchers models.Matchers

FetchOp stores required properties for fetch TODO: Make FetchOp private

func (FetchOp) Bounds

func (o FetchOp) Bounds() transform.BoundSpec

Bounds returns the bounds for this operation.

func (FetchOp) Node

func (o FetchOp) Node(
	controller *transform.Controller,
	storage storage.Storage,
	options transform.Options,
) parser.Source

Node creates the fetch execution node for this operation.

func (FetchOp) OpType

func (o FetchOp) OpType() string

OpType for the operator.

func (FetchOp) String

func (o FetchOp) String() string

String is the string representation for this operation.

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Package temporal is a generated GoMock package.
Package temporal is a generated GoMock package.

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