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func IntLength

func IntLength(i int) int

IntLength determines the number of digits in a base 10 integer.

func IntsLength

func IntsLength(is []int) int

IntsLength determines the number of digits in a list of base 10 integers, accounting for separators between each integer.

func WriteInteger

func WriteInteger(dst []byte, value, idx int) int

WriteInteger writes a base 10 integer to a buffer at a given index.

NB: based on fmt.Printf handling of integers, specifically base 10 case.

func WriteIntegers

func WriteIntegers(dst []byte, values []int, sep byte, idx int) int

WriteIntegers writes a slice of base 10 integer to a buffer at a given index, separating each value with the given separator, returning the index at which the write ends.

NB: Ensure that there is sufficient space in the buffer to hold values and separators.


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