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type CFMetric

type CFMetric struct {
	KeySpace         string
	ColumnFamily     string
	MetricName       string
	MetricIntValue   int64
	MetricFloatValue float64
	MetricTimeStamp  int64

type CFStats

type CFStats struct {
	KeySpace          string
	ColumnFamily      string
	ReadCount         int64
	ReadCountTS       int64
	ReadLatency       float64
	ReadRate          float64
	WriteCount        int64
	WriteCountTS      int64
	WriteLatency      float64
	WriteRate         float64
	LiveDiskSpaceUsed int64
	MeanRowSize       int64
	MaxRowSize        int64

type Cluster

type Cluster struct {
	Name      string
	KeySpaces map[string]KeySpace

type ColumnFamily

type ColumnFamily struct {
	ReadCount                         int64
	WriteCount                        int64
	LiveDiskSpaceUsed                 int64
	MeanRowSize                       int64
	MaxRowSize                        int64
	RecentSSTablesPerReadHistogram    map[int]int
	RecentReadLatencyHistogramMicros  map[int]int
	RecentWriteLatencyHistogramMicros map[int]int
	EstimatedColumnCountHistogram     map[int]int
	EstimatedRowSizeHistogram         map[int]int

type KeySpace

type KeySpace struct {
	ColumnFamilies map[string]ColumnFamily

type LogMessage

type LogMessage struct {
	Severity string
	Message  string

type MX4JCFList

type MX4JCFList struct {
	CFList []MX4JCFListColumnFamily `xml:"MBean"`

This is the response from a query for the list of ColumnFamilies: ("http://%s:8081/server?instanceof=org.apache.cassandra.db.ColumnFamilyStore&template=identity", cassandraIP)

type MX4JCFListColumnFamily

type MX4JCFListColumnFamily struct {
	ColmnFamily string `xml:"objectname,attr"`

type MX4JCassandraCFHistogram

type MX4JCassandraCFHistogram struct {
	//XMLName xml.Name `xml:"MBean"`
	CFHistogram []MX4JCassandraCFHistogramElement `xml:"Attribute>Array>Element"`

This is a response from a query for a CFHistogram array: ("http://%s:8081/getattribute?objectname=org.apache.cassandra.db:type=ColumnFamilies,keyspace=%s,columnfamily=%s&attribute=%s&format=array&template=viewarray&template=identity", cassandraIP, name, columnFamily, cfHistograms[i])

type MX4JCassandraCFHistogramElement

type MX4JCassandraCFHistogramElement struct {
	Index string `xml:"index,attr"`
	Value string `xml:"element,attr"`

This is one of the array elements:

type MX4JCassandraCFLongData

type MX4JCassandraCFLongData struct {
	//XMLName xml.Name `xml:"MBean"`
	CFLongData MX4JCassandraCFLongDataAttribute `xml:"Attribute"`

This is a response from a query for an individual bit of data: ("http://%s:8081/getattribute?objectname=org.apache.cassandra.db:type=ColumnFamilies,keyspace=%s,columnfamily=%s&attribute=%s&format=long&template=identity", cassandraIP, name, columnFamily, cfMetrics[i])

type MX4JCassandraCFLongDataAttribute

type MX4JCassandraCFLongDataAttribute struct {
	Name  string `xml:"name,attr"`
	Value string `xml:"value,attr"`

This is the bit of data itself:

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