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Published: May 5, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 35 Imported by: 0




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const (
	ArgoCDNamespace = "argocd-e2e"

	// ensure all repos are in one directory tree, so we can easily clean them up
	TmpDir = "/tmp/argo-e2e"

	GuestbookPath = "guestbook"
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const (
	RepoURLTypeFile                 = "file"
	RepoURLTypeHTTPS                = "https"
	RepoURLTypeHTTPSClientCert      = "https-cc"
	RepoURLTypeHTTPSSubmodule       = "https-sub"
	RepoURLTypeHTTPSSubmoduleParent = "https-par"
	RepoURLTypeSSH                  = "ssh"
	RepoURLTypeSSHSubmodule         = "ssh-sub"
	RepoURLTypeSSHSubmoduleParent   = "ssh-par"
	RepoURLTypeHelm                 = "helm"
	GitUsername                     = "admin"
	GitPassword                     = "password"


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var (
	KubeClientset    kubernetes.Interface
	DynamicClientset dynamic.Interface
	AppClientset     appclientset.Interface
	ArgoCDClientset  argocdclient.Client


func AddFile added in v1.5.4

func AddFile(path, contents string)

func CreateSecret

func CreateSecret(username, password string) string

creates a secret for the current test, this currently can only create a single secret

func CreateSubmoduleRepos added in v1.5.4

func CreateSubmoduleRepos(repoType string)

func Declarative

func Declarative(filename string, values interface{}) (string, error)

create the resource by creating using "kubectl apply", with bonus templating

func Delete

func Delete(path string)

func DeploymentNamespace

func DeploymentNamespace() string

func EnsureCleanState

func EnsureCleanState(t *testing.T)

func GetApiVersions added in v1.5.4

func GetApiVersions() string

func Name

func Name() string

func NormalizeOutput

func NormalizeOutput(text string) string

utility method to deal with white-space

func Patch

func Patch(path string, jsonPatch string)

func RepoBaseURL added in v1.5.4

func RepoBaseURL(urlType RepoURLType) string

func RepoURL

func RepoURL(urlType RepoURLType) string

func Run

func Run(workDir, name string, args ...string) (string, error)

func RunCli

func RunCli(args ...string) (string, error)

func RunCliWithStdin added in v1.5.4

func RunCliWithStdin(stdin string, args ...string) (string, error)

func RunWithStdin added in v1.5.4

func RunWithStdin(stdin, workDir, name string, args ...string) (string, error)

func SetAccounts added in v1.5.4

func SetAccounts(accounts map[string][]string)

func SetConfigManagementPlugins added in v1.5.4

func SetConfigManagementPlugins(plugin ...v1alpha1.ConfigManagementPlugin)

func SetHelmRepos added in v1.5.4

func SetHelmRepos(repos ...settings.HelmRepoCredentials)

func SetProjectSpec added in v1.5.4

func SetProjectSpec(project string, spec v1alpha1.AppProjectSpec)

func SetRepos added in v1.5.4

func SetRepos(repos ...settings.RepositoryCredentials)

func SetResourceFilter added in v1.5.4

func SetResourceFilter(filters settings.ResourcesFilter)

func SetResourceOverrides

func SetResourceOverrides(overrides map[string]v1alpha1.ResourceOverride)

func Tmpl

func Tmpl(text string, values interface{}) string

utility method to template a string using a map


type RepoURLType added in v1.5.4

type RepoURLType string

type Version added in v1.5.4

type Version struct {
	Major, Minor string

func (Version) Format added in v1.5.4

func (v Version) Format(format string) string

func (Version) String added in v1.5.4

func (v Version) String() string

type Versions added in v1.5.4

type Versions struct {
	ServerVersion Version

func GetVersions added in v1.5.4

func GetVersions() *Versions


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