Package eni implements AWS ENI allocation logic



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    type EC2API

    type EC2API interface {
    	GetInstances(ctx context.Context, vpcs ipamTypes.VirtualNetworkMap, subnets ipamTypes.SubnetMap) (*ipamTypes.InstanceMap, error)
    	GetSubnets(ctx context.Context) (ipamTypes.SubnetMap, error)
    	GetVpcs(ctx context.Context) (ipamTypes.VirtualNetworkMap, error)
    	GetSecurityGroups(ctx context.Context) (types.SecurityGroupMap, error)
    	CreateNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, toAllocate int64, subnetID, desc string, groups []string) (string, *eniTypes.ENI, error)
    	AttachNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, index int64, instanceID, eniID string) (string, error)
    	DeleteNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, eniID string) error
    	ModifyNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, eniID, attachmentID string, deleteOnTermination bool) error
    	AssignPrivateIpAddresses(ctx context.Context, eniID string, addresses int64) error
    	UnassignPrivateIpAddresses(ctx context.Context, eniID string, addresses []string) error
    	TagENI(ctx context.Context, eniID string, eniTags map[string]string) error

      EC2API is the API surface used of the EC2 API

      type InstancesManager

      type InstancesManager struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        InstancesManager maintains the list of instances. It must be kept up to date by calling resync() regularly.

        func NewInstancesManager

        func NewInstancesManager(api EC2API, eniTags map[string]string) *InstancesManager

          NewInstancesManager returns a new instances manager

          func (*InstancesManager) CreateNode

          func (m *InstancesManager) CreateNode(obj *v2.CiliumNode, n *ipam.Node) ipam.NodeOperations

            CreateNode is called on discovery of a new node and returns the ENI node allocation implementation for the new node

            func (*InstancesManager) FindSecurityGroupByTags

            func (m *InstancesManager) FindSecurityGroupByTags(vpcID string, required ipamTypes.Tags) []*types.SecurityGroup

              FindSecurityGroupByTags returns the security groups matching VPC ID and all required tags

              The returned security groups slice is immutable so it can be safely accessed

              func (*InstancesManager) FindSubnetByTags

              func (m *InstancesManager) FindSubnetByTags(vpcID, availabilityZone string, required ipamTypes.Tags) (bestSubnet *ipamTypes.Subnet)

                FindSubnetByTags returns the subnet with the most addresses matching VPC ID, availability zone and all required tags

                The returned subnet is immutable so it can be safely accessed

                func (*InstancesManager) ForeachInstance

                func (m *InstancesManager) ForeachInstance(instanceID string, fn ipamTypes.InterfaceIterator)

                  ForeachInstance will iterate over each instance inside `instances`, and call `fn`. This function is read-locked for the entire execution.

                  func (*InstancesManager) GetPoolQuota

                  func (m *InstancesManager) GetPoolQuota() ipamTypes.PoolQuotaMap

                    GetPoolQuota returns the number of available IPs in all IP pools

                    func (*InstancesManager) GetSubnet

                    func (m *InstancesManager) GetSubnet(subnetID string) *ipamTypes.Subnet

                      GetSubnet returns the subnet by subnet ID

                      The returned subnet is immutable so it can be safely accessed

                      func (*InstancesManager) GetSubnets

                      func (m *InstancesManager) GetSubnets(ctx context.Context) ipamTypes.SubnetMap

                        GetSubnets returns all the tracked subnets

                        The returned subnetMap is immutable so it can be safely accessed

                        func (*InstancesManager) Resync

                        func (m *InstancesManager) Resync(ctx context.Context) time.Time

                          Resync fetches the list of EC2 instances and subnets and updates the local cache in the instanceManager. It returns the time when the resync has started or time.Time{} if it did not complete.

                          func (*InstancesManager) UpdateENI

                          func (m *InstancesManager) UpdateENI(instanceID string, eni *eniTypes.ENI)

                            UpdateENI updates the ENI definition of an ENI for a particular instance. If the ENI is already known, the definition is updated, otherwise the ENI is added to the instance.

                            type Node

                            type Node struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Node represents a Kubernetes node running Cilium with an associated CiliumNode custom resource

                              func (*Node) AllocateIPs

                              func (n *Node) AllocateIPs(ctx context.Context, a *ipam.AllocationAction) error

                                AllocateIPs performs the ENI allocation oepration

                                func (*Node) CreateInterface

                                func (n *Node) CreateInterface(ctx context.Context, allocation *ipam.AllocationAction, scopedLog *logrus.Entry) (int, string, error)

                                  CreateInterface creates an additional interface with the instance and attaches it to the instance as specified by the CiliumNode. neededAddresses of secondary IPs are assigned to the interface up to the maximum number of addresses as allowed by the instance.

                                  func (*Node) GetMaximumAllocatableIPv4

                                  func (n *Node) GetMaximumAllocatableIPv4() int

                                    GetMaximumAllocatableIPv4 returns the maximum amount of IPv4 addresses that can be allocated to the instance

                                    func (*Node) PopulateStatusFields

                                    func (n *Node) PopulateStatusFields(k8sObj *v2.CiliumNode)

                                      PopulateStatusFields fills in the status field of the CiliumNode custom resource with ENI specific information

                                      func (*Node) PrepareIPAllocation

                                      func (n *Node) PrepareIPAllocation(scopedLog *logrus.Entry) (a *ipam.AllocationAction, err error)

                                        PrepareIPAllocation returns the number of ENI IPs and interfaces that can be allocated/created.

                                        func (*Node) PrepareIPRelease

                                        func (n *Node) PrepareIPRelease(excessIPs int, scopedLog *logrus.Entry) *ipam.ReleaseAction

                                          PrepareIPRelease prepares the release of ENI IPs.

                                          func (*Node) ReleaseIPs

                                          func (n *Node) ReleaseIPs(ctx context.Context, r *ipam.ReleaseAction) error

                                            ReleaseIPs performs the ENI IP release operation

                                            func (*Node) ResyncInterfacesAndIPs

                                            func (n *Node) ResyncInterfacesAndIPs(ctx context.Context, scopedLog *logrus.Entry) (ipamTypes.AllocationMap, error)

                                              ResyncInterfacesAndIPs is called to retrieve and ENIs and IPs as known to the EC2 API and return them

                                              func (*Node) UpdatedNode

                                              func (n *Node) UpdatedNode(obj *v2.CiliumNode)

                                                UpdatedNode is called when an update to the CiliumNode is received.


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