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Package maps performs various lifecycle operations related to maps in the datapath.



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type MapSweeper added in v1.7.0

type MapSweeper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MapSweeper is responsible for checking stale map paths on the filesystem and garbage collecting the endpoint if the corresponding endpoint no longer exists.

func NewMapSweeper added in v1.7.0

func NewMapSweeper(g endpointManager) *MapSweeper

NewMapSweeper creates an object that walks map paths and garbage-collects them.

func (*MapSweeper) CollectStaleMapGarbage added in v1.7.0

func (ms *MapSweeper) CollectStaleMapGarbage()

CollectStaleMapGarbage cleans up stale content in the BPF maps from the datapath.

func (*MapSweeper) RemoveDisabledMaps added in v1.7.0

func (ms *MapSweeper) RemoveDisabledMaps()

RemoveDisabledMaps removes BPF maps in the filesystem for features that have been disabled. The maps may still be in use in which case they will continue to live until the BPF program using them is being replaced.

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