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Package redirectpolicy defines an internal representation of the Cilium Local Redirect Policy. The structures are managed by the RedirectPolicyManager.



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type LRPConfig

type LRPConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LRPConfig is the internal representation of Cilium Local Redirect Policy.

func Parse

func Parse(clrp *v2.CiliumLocalRedirectPolicy, sanitize bool) (*LRPConfig, error)

Parse parses the specified cilium local redirect policy spec, and returns a sanitized LRPConfig.

func (*LRPConfig) GetModel

func (config *LRPConfig) GetModel() *models.LRPSpec

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager manages configurations related to Local Redirect Policies that enable redirecting traffic from the specified frontend to a set of node-local backend pods selected based on the backend configuration. To do that, it keeps track of add/delete events for resources like LRP, Pod and Service. For every local redirect policy configuration, it creates a new lb.SVCTypeLocalRedirect service with a frontend that has at least one node-local backend.

func NewRedirectPolicyManager

func NewRedirectPolicyManager(svc svcManager) *Manager

func (*Manager) AddRedirectPolicy

func (rpm *Manager) AddRedirectPolicy(config LRPConfig) (bool, error)

AddRedirectPolicy parses the given local redirect policy config, and updates internal state with the config fields.

func (*Manager) DeleteRedirectPolicy

func (rpm *Manager) DeleteRedirectPolicy(config LRPConfig) error

DeleteRedirectPolicy deletes the internal state associated with the given policy.

func (*Manager) GetLRPs

func (rpm *Manager) GetLRPs() []*LRPConfig

func (*Manager) OnAddPod

func (rpm *Manager) OnAddPod(pod *slimcorev1.Pod)

func (*Manager) OnAddService

func (rpm *Manager) OnAddService(svcID k8s.ServiceID)

OnAddService handles Kubernetes service (clusterIP type) add events, and updates the internal state for the policy config associated with the service.

func (*Manager) OnDeletePod

func (rpm *Manager) OnDeletePod(pod *slimcorev1.Pod)

func (*Manager) OnDeleteService

func (rpm *Manager) OnDeleteService(svcID k8s.ServiceID)

OnDeleteService handles Kubernetes service deletes, and deletes the internal state for the policy config that might be associated with the service.

func (*Manager) OnUpdatePod

func (rpm *Manager) OnUpdatePod(pod *slimcorev1.Pod, needsReassign bool, ready bool)

func (*Manager) OnUpdatePodLocked

func (rpm *Manager) OnUpdatePodLocked(pod *slimcorev1.Pod, removeOld bool, upsertNew bool)

func (*Manager) RegisterGetStores

func (rpm *Manager) RegisterGetStores(sg StoreGetter)

func (*Manager) RegisterSvcCache

func (rpm *Manager) RegisterSvcCache(cache svcCache)

type StoreGetter

type StoreGetter interface {
	GetStore(name string) cache.Store

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