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const (
	// ObserverServiceName is the name of the observer service for the grpc health check
	ObserverServiceName = "hubble.server.Observer"


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func FlowProtocol

func FlowProtocol(flow *pb.Flow) string

FlowProtocol returns the protocol best describing the flow. If available, this is the L7 protocol name, then the L4 protocol name.


type EndpointInfo

type EndpointInfo interface {
	GetID() uint64
	GetIdentity() identity.NumericIdentity
	GetK8sPodName() string
	GetK8sNamespace() string
	GetLabels() []string

EndpointInfo defines readable fields of a Cilium endpoint.

type Event

type Event struct {
	// Timestamp when event was observed in Hubble
	Timestamp *timestamppb.Timestamp
	// Event contains the actual event
	Event interface{}

Event represents a single event observed and stored by Hubble

func (*Event) GetAgentEvent added in v1.10.0

func (ev *Event) GetAgentEvent() *pb.AgentEvent

GetAgentEvent returns the decoded agent event, or nil if the event is nil or not an agent event

func (*Event) GetDebugEvent added in v1.10.0

func (ev *Event) GetDebugEvent() *pb.DebugEvent

GetDebugEvent returns the decoded debug event, or nil if the event is nil or not an debug event

func (*Event) GetFlow

func (ev *Event) GetFlow() *pb.Flow

GetFlow returns the decoded flow, or nil if the event is nil or not a flow

func (*Event) GetLostEvent added in v1.10.0

func (ev *Event) GetLostEvent() *pb.LostEvent

GetLostEvent returns the decoded lost event, or nil if the event is nil or not a lost event

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