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type API

type API struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    API represents a mocked EC2 API

    func NewAPI

    func NewAPI(subnets []*ipamTypes.Subnet, vpcs []*ipamTypes.VirtualNetwork, securityGroups []*types.SecurityGroup) *API

      NewAPI returns a new mocked EC2 API

      func (*API) AssignPrivateIpAddresses

      func (e *API) AssignPrivateIpAddresses(ctx context.Context, eniID string, addresses int64) error

      func (*API) AttachNetworkInterface

      func (e *API) AttachNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, index int64, instanceID, eniID string) (string, error)

      func (*API) CreateNetworkInterface

      func (e *API) CreateNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, toAllocate int64, subnetID, desc string, groups []string) (string, *eniTypes.ENI, error)

      func (*API) DeleteNetworkInterface

      func (e *API) DeleteNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, eniID string) error

      func (*API) GetInstances

      func (e *API) GetInstances(ctx context.Context, vpcs ipamTypes.VirtualNetworkMap, subnets ipamTypes.SubnetMap) (*ipamTypes.InstanceMap, error)

      func (*API) GetSecurityGroups

      func (e *API) GetSecurityGroups(ctx context.Context) (types.SecurityGroupMap, error)

      func (*API) GetSubnets

      func (e *API) GetSubnets(ctx context.Context) (ipamTypes.SubnetMap, error)

      func (*API) GetVpcs

      func (e *API) GetVpcs(ctx context.Context) (ipamTypes.VirtualNetworkMap, error)

      func (*API) ModifyNetworkInterface

      func (e *API) ModifyNetworkInterface(ctx context.Context, eniID, attachmentID string, deleteOnTermination bool) error

      func (*API) SetDelay

      func (e *API) SetDelay(op Operation, delay time.Duration)

        SetDelay specifies the delay which should be simulated for an individual EC2 API operation

        func (*API) SetLimiter

        func (e *API) SetLimiter(limit float64, burst int)

          SetLimiter adds a rate limiter to all simulated API calls

          func (*API) SetMockError

          func (e *API) SetMockError(op Operation, err error)

            SetMockError modifies the mock API to return an error for a particular operation

            func (*API) TagENI

            func (e *API) TagENI(ctx context.Context, eniID string, eniTags map[string]string) error

            func (*API) UnassignPrivateIpAddresses

            func (e *API) UnassignPrivateIpAddresses(ctx context.Context, eniID string, addresses []string) error

            func (*API) UpdateENIs

            func (e *API) UpdateENIs(enis map[string]ENIMap)

              UpdateENIs replaces the ENIs which the mock API will return

              func (*API) UpdateSecurityGroups

              func (e *API) UpdateSecurityGroups(securityGroups []*types.SecurityGroup)

                UpdateSecurityGroups replaces the security groups which the mock API will return

                func (*API) UpdateSubnets

                func (e *API) UpdateSubnets(subnets []*ipamTypes.Subnet)

                  UpdateSubnets replaces the subents which the mock API will return

                  type ENIMap

                  type ENIMap map[string]*eniTypes.ENI

                    ENIMap is a map of ENI interfaced indexed by ENI ID

                    type Operation

                    type Operation int

                      Operation is an EC2 API operation that this mock API supports

                      const (
                      	AllOperations Operation = iota

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