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var DefaultOptions []observeroption.Option

    DefaultOptions to include in the server. Other packages may extend this in their init() function.


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    type LocalObserverServer

    type LocalObserverServer struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      LocalObserverServer is an implementation of the server.Observer interface that's meant to be run embedded inside the Cilium process. It ignores all the state change events since the state is available locally.

      func NewLocalServer

      func NewLocalServer(
      	payloadParser *parser.Parser,
      	logger logrus.FieldLogger,
      	options ...observeroption.Option,
      ) (*LocalObserverServer, error)

        NewLocalServer returns a new local observer server.

        func (*LocalObserverServer) GetEventsChannel

        func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetEventsChannel() chan *observerTypes.MonitorEvent

          GetEventsChannel returns the event channel to receive flowpb.Payload events.

          func (*LocalObserverServer) GetFlows

            GetFlows implements the proto method for client requests.

            func (*LocalObserverServer) GetLogger

            func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetLogger() logrus.FieldLogger

              GetLogger implements GRPCServer.GetLogger.

              func (*LocalObserverServer) GetOptions

              func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetOptions() observeroption.Options

                GetOptions implements serveroptions.Server.GetOptions.

                func (*LocalObserverServer) GetPayloadParser

                func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetPayloadParser() *parser.Parser

                  GetPayloadParser implements GRPCServer.GetPayloadParser.

                  func (*LocalObserverServer) GetRingBuffer

                  func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetRingBuffer() *container.Ring

                    GetRingBuffer implements GRPCServer.GetRingBuffer.

                    func (*LocalObserverServer) GetStopped

                    func (s *LocalObserverServer) GetStopped() chan struct{}

                      GetStopped implements GRPCServer.GetStopped.

                      func (*LocalObserverServer) ServerStatus

                        ServerStatus should have a comment, apparently. It returns the server status.

                        func (*LocalObserverServer) Start

                        func (s *LocalObserverServer) Start()

                          Start implements GRPCServer.Start.


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