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var (
	// ErrEmptyData gets returns when monitoring payload contained no data
	ErrEmptyData = errors.New("empty data")
	// ErrUnknownEventType is returned if the monitor event is an unknown type
	ErrUnknownEventType = errors.New("unknown event type")
	// ErrInvalidAgentMessageType is returned if an agent message is of invalid type
	ErrInvalidAgentMessageType = errors.New("invalid agent message type")


func IsErrInvalidType

func IsErrInvalidType(err error) bool

    IsErrInvalidType returns true if the given error is type of ErrInvalidType

    func NewErrInvalidType

    func NewErrInvalidType(invalidType byte) error

      NewErrInvalidType returns a new ErrInvalidType


      type ErrInvalidType

      type ErrInvalidType struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        ErrInvalidType specifies when it was given a packet type that was not possible to be decoded by the decoder.

        func (ErrInvalidType) Error

        func (e ErrInvalidType) Error() string

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