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type Client

type Client interface {

    Client defines an interface that Peer service client should implement.

    type ClientBuilder

    type ClientBuilder interface {
    	// Client builds a new Client that connects to the given target.
    	Client(target string) (Client, error)

      ClientBuilder creates a new Client.

      type LocalClientBuilder

      type LocalClientBuilder struct {
      	DialTimeout time.Duration

        LocalClientBuilder is a ClientBuilder that is suitable when the gRPC connection to the Peer service is local (typically a Unix Domain Socket).

        func (LocalClientBuilder) Client

        func (b LocalClientBuilder) Client(target string) (Client, error)

          Client implements ClientBuilder.Client.

          type Peer

          type Peer struct {
          	// Name is the name of the peer, typically the hostname. The name includes
          	// the cluster name if a value other than default has been specified.
          	// This value can be used to uniquely identify the host.
          	// When the cluster name is not the default, the cluster name is prepended
          	// to the peer name and a forward slash is added.
          	// Examples:
          	//  - runtime1
          	//  - testcluster/runtime1
          	Name string
          	// Address is the address of the peer's gRPC service.
          	Address net.Addr
          	// TLSEnabled indicates whether the service offered by the peer has TLS
          	// enabled.
          	TLSEnabled bool
          	// TLSServerName is the name the TLS certificate should be matched to.
          	TLSServerName string

            Peer represents a hubble peer.

            func FromChangeNotification

            func FromChangeNotification(cn *peerpb.ChangeNotification) *Peer

              FromChangeNotification creates a new Peer from a ChangeNotification.

              func (Peer) String

              func (p Peer) String() string

                String implements fmt's Stringer interface.

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