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type BackoffDuration

type BackoffDuration interface {
	// Duration returns a duration that depends on the given attempt count.
	Duration(attempt int) time.Duration

    BackoffDuration wraps Duration.

    type GRPCClientConnBuilder

    type GRPCClientConnBuilder struct {
    	// DialTimeout specifies the timeout used when establishing a new
    	// connection.
    	DialTimeout time.Duration
    	// Options is a set of grpc.DialOption to be used when creating a new
    	// connection.
    	Options []grpc.DialOption
    	// TLSConfig is used to build transport credentials for the connection.
    	// If not provided, grpc.WithInsecure() is added to Options before creating
    	// a new ClientConn.
    	TLSConfig certloader.ClientConfigBuilder

      GRPCClientConnBuilder is a generic ClientConnBuilder implementation.

      func (GRPCClientConnBuilder) ClientConn

      func (b GRPCClientConnBuilder) ClientConn(target, hostname string) (poolTypes.ClientConn, error)

        ClientConn implements ClientConnBuilder.ClientConn.

        type Option

        type Option func(o *options) error

          Option customizes the configuration of the Manager.

          func WithBackoff

          func WithBackoff(b BackoffDuration) Option

            WithBackoff sets the backoff between after a failed connection attempt.

            func WithClientConnBuilder

            func WithClientConnBuilder(b poolTypes.ClientConnBuilder) Option

              WithClientConnBuilder sets the GRPCClientConnBuilder that is used to create new gRPC connections to peers.

              func WithConnCheckInterval

              func WithConnCheckInterval(i time.Duration) Option

                WithConnCheckInterval sets the time interval between peer connections health checks.

                func WithLogger

                func WithLogger(l logrus.FieldLogger) Option

                  WithLogger sets the logger to use for logging.

                  func WithPeerClientBuilder

                  func WithPeerClientBuilder(b peerTypes.ClientBuilder) Option

                    WithPeerClientBuilder sets the ClientBuilder that is used to create new Peer service clients.

                    func WithPeerServiceAddress

                    func WithPeerServiceAddress(a string) Option

                      WithPeerServiceAddress sets the address of the peer gRPC service.

                      func WithRetryTimeout

                      func WithRetryTimeout(t time.Duration) Option

                        WithRetryTimeout sets the duration to wait before attempting to re-connect to the peer gRPC service.

                        type PeerManager

                        type PeerManager struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          PeerManager manages a pool of peers (Peer) and associated gRPC connections. Peers and peer change notifications are obtained from a peer gRPC service.

                          func NewPeerManager

                          func NewPeerManager(options ...Option) (*PeerManager, error)

                            NewPeerManager creates a new manager that connects to a peer gRPC service to manage peers and a connection to every peer's gRPC API.

                            func (*PeerManager) List

                            func (m *PeerManager) List() []poolTypes.Peer

                              List implements observer.PeerLister.List.

                              func (*PeerManager) ReportOffline

                              func (m *PeerManager) ReportOffline(name string)

                                ReportOffline implements observer.PeerReporter.ReportOffline.

                                func (*PeerManager) Start

                                func (m *PeerManager) Start()

                                  Start starts the manager.

                                  func (*PeerManager) Stop

                                  func (m *PeerManager) Stop()

                                    Stop stops the manaager.


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