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type PriorityQueue

type PriorityQueue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    PriorityQueue is a priority queue of observerpb.GetFlowsResponse. It implements heap.Interface. GetFlowsResponse objects are ordered based on their timestamp value; the older the timestamp, the higher the priority.

    This implementation is loosely based on the priority queue example in "container/heap".

    func NewPriorityQueue

    func NewPriorityQueue(n int) *PriorityQueue

      NewPriorityQueue creates a new PriorityQueue with initial capacity n.

      func (PriorityQueue) Len

      func (pq PriorityQueue) Len() int

        Len is the number of objects in the queue.

        func (*PriorityQueue) Pop

          Pop removes and returns the oldest object in the queue. Pop returns nil when the queue is empty.

          func (*PriorityQueue) PopOlderThan

          func (pq *PriorityQueue) PopOlderThan(t time.Time) []*observerpb.GetFlowsResponse

            PopOlderThan removes and returns objects in the queue that are older than t. Objects in the returned list are sorted chronologically from the oldest to the more recent.

            func (*PriorityQueue) Push

            func (pq *PriorityQueue) Push(resp *observerpb.GetFlowsResponse)

              Push adds object resp to the queue.