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const MinTLSVersion = tls.VersionTLS13

    MinTLSVersion defines the minimum TLS version clients are expected to support in order to establish a connection to the hubble server.


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    type Option

    type Option func(o *Options) error

      Option customizes then configuration of the hubble server.

      func WithHealthService

      func WithHealthService() Option

        WithHealthService configures the server to expose the gRPC health service.

        func WithInsecure

        func WithInsecure() Option

          WithInsecure disables transport security. Transport security is required unless WithInsecure is set. Use WithTLS to set transport credentials for transport security.

          func WithObserverService

          func WithObserverService(svc observerpb.ObserverServer) Option

            WithObserverService configures the server to expose the given observer server service.

            func WithPeerService

            func WithPeerService(svc peerpb.PeerServer) Option

              WithPeerService configures the server to expose the given peer server service.

              func WithServerTLS

              func WithServerTLS(cfg certloader.ServerConfigBuilder) Option

                WithServerTLS sets the transport credentials for the server based on TLS.

                func WithTCPListener

                func WithTCPListener(address string) Option

                  WithTCPListener configures a TCP listener with the address.

                  func WithUnixSocketListener

                  func WithUnixSocketListener(path string) Option

                    WithUnixSocketListener configures a unix domain socket listener with the given file path. When the process runs in privileged mode, the file group owner is set to socketGroup.

                    type Options

                    type Options struct {
                    	Listener        net.Listener
                    	HealthService   healthpb.HealthServer
                    	ObserverService observerpb.ObserverServer
                    	PeerService     peerpb.PeerServer
                    	ServerTLSConfig certloader.ServerConfigBuilder
                    	Insecure        bool

                      Options stores all the configuration values for the hubble server.

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