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var Types = Schema{}

Types in the schema.


func NewSource

func NewSource(k Interfaces, resyncPeriod time.Duration) (runtime.Source, error)

NewSource returns a Kubernetes implementation of runtime.Source.


type Interfaces

type Interfaces interface {
	DynamicInterface(gv schema.GroupVersion, kind string, listKind string) (dynamic.Interface, error)

Interfaces interface allows access to the Kubernetes API Service methods. It is mainly used for test/injection purposes.

func NewKube

func NewKube(cfg *rest.Config) Interfaces

NewKube returns a new instance of Interfaces.

func NewKubeFromConfigFile

func NewKubeFromConfigFile(kubeconfig string) (Interfaces, error)

NewKubeFromConfigFile returns a new instance of Interfaces.

type ResourceSpec

type ResourceSpec struct {

	// Singular name of the K8s resource
	Singular string

	// Plural name of the K8s resource
	Plural string

	// Group name of the K8s resource
	Group string

	// Version of the K8s resource
	Version string

	// Kind of the K8s resource
	Kind string

	// ListKind of the K8s resource
	ListKind string

	// Target resource type of the resource
	Target resource.Info

	// The converter to use
	Converter converter.Fn

ResourceSpec represents a known crd. It is used to drive the K8s-related machinery, and to map to the proto format.

func (*ResourceSpec) APIResource

func (i *ResourceSpec) APIResource() *v1.APIResource

APIResource generated from this type.

func (*ResourceSpec) GroupVersion

func (i *ResourceSpec) GroupVersion() sc.GroupVersion

GroupVersion returns the GroupVersion of this type.

type Schema

type Schema struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Schema represents a set of known Kubernetes resource types.

func (*Schema) All

func (e *Schema) All() []ResourceSpec

All returns information about all known types.


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