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Package sampleapa is a generated protocol buffer package.

It is generated from these files:


It has these top-level messages:




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const TemplateName = "sampleapa"

Fully qualified name of the template


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var (
	ErrInvalidLengthTmplHandlerService = fmt.Errorf("proto: negative length found during unmarshaling")
	ErrIntOverflowTmplHandlerService   = fmt.Errorf("proto: integer overflow")


This section is empty.


type Handler

type Handler interface {

	// HandleSampleApa is called by Mixer at request time to deliver instances to
	// to an adapter.
	GenerateSampleApaAttributes(context.Context, *Instance) (*Output, error)

Handler must be implemented by adapter code if it wants to process data associated with the 'sampleapa' template.

Mixer uses this interface to call into the adapter at request time in order to dispatch created instances to the adapter. Adapters take the incoming instances and do what they need to achieve their primary function.

type HandlerBuilder

type HandlerBuilder interface {

HandlerBuilder must be implemented by adapters if they want to process data associated with the 'sampleapa' template.

Mixer uses this interface to call into the adapter at configuration time to configure it with adapter-specific configuration as well as all template-specific type information.

type Instance

type Instance struct {
	// Name of the instance as specified in configuration.
	Name string

	Int64Primitive int64

	BoolPrimitive bool

	DoublePrimitive float64

	StringPrimitive string

Instance is constructed by Mixer for the 'sampleapa' template.

type InstanceParam

type InstanceParam struct {
	Int64Primitive  string `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=int64Primitive,proto3" json:"int64Primitive,omitempty"`
	BoolPrimitive   string `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=boolPrimitive,proto3" json:"boolPrimitive,omitempty"`
	DoublePrimitive string `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=doublePrimitive,proto3" json:"doublePrimitive,omitempty"`
	StringPrimitive string `protobuf:"bytes,4,opt,name=stringPrimitive,proto3" json:"stringPrimitive,omitempty"`
	// Attribute names to expression mapping. These expressions can use the fields from the output object
	// returned by the attribute producing adapters using $out.<fieldName> notation. For example:
	// source.ip : $out.source_pod_ip
	// In the above example, source.ip attribute will be added to the existing attribute list and its value will be set to
	// the value of source_pod_ip field of the output returned by the adapter.
	AttributeBindings map[string]string `` /* 200-byte string literal not displayed */

Represents instance configuration schema for 'sampleapa' template.

func (*InstanceParam) Descriptor

func (*InstanceParam) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (*InstanceParam) Marshal

func (m *InstanceParam) Marshal() (dAtA []byte, err error)

func (*InstanceParam) MarshalTo

func (m *InstanceParam) MarshalTo(dAtA []byte) (int, error)

func (*InstanceParam) ProtoMessage

func (*InstanceParam) ProtoMessage()

func (*InstanceParam) Reset

func (m *InstanceParam) Reset()

func (*InstanceParam) Size

func (m *InstanceParam) Size() (n int)

func (*InstanceParam) String

func (this *InstanceParam) String() string

func (*InstanceParam) Unmarshal

func (m *InstanceParam) Unmarshal(dAtA []byte) error

type Output

type Output struct {
	Int64Primitive int64

	BoolPrimitive bool

	DoublePrimitive float64

	StringPrimitive string

	StringMap map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Output struct is returned by the attribute producing adapters that handle this template.

func NewOutput

func NewOutput() *Output

func (*Output) SetBoolPrimitive

func (o *Output) SetBoolPrimitive(val bool)

func (*Output) SetDoublePrimitive

func (o *Output) SetDoublePrimitive(val float64)

func (*Output) SetInt64Primitive

func (o *Output) SetInt64Primitive(val int64)

func (*Output) SetStringMap

func (o *Output) SetStringMap(val map[string]string)

func (*Output) SetStringPrimitive

func (o *Output) SetStringPrimitive(val string)

func (*Output) WasSet

func (o *Output) WasSet(field string) bool

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