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type Args

type Args struct {
	// The templates to register.
	Templates map[string]template.Info

	// The adapters to use
	Adapters []adapter.InfoFn

	// Maximum size of individual gRPC messages
	MaxMessageSize uint

	// Maximum number of outstanding RPCs per connection
	MaxConcurrentStreams uint

	// Maximum number of goroutines in the API worker pool
	APIWorkerPoolSize int

	// Maximum number of goroutines in the adapter worker pool
	AdapterWorkerPoolSize int

	// URL of the config store. Use k8s://path_to_kubeconfig or fs:// for file system. If path_to_kubeconfig is empty, in-cluster kubeconfig is used.")
	// If this is empty (and ConfigStore isn't specified), "k8s://" will be used.
	ConfigStoreURL string

	// For testing; this one is used for the backend store if ConfigStoreURL is empty. Specifying both is invalid.
	ConfigStore store.Store

	// Kubernetes namespace used to store mesh-wide configuration.")
	ConfigDefaultNamespace string

	// Configuration fetch interval in seconds
	ConfigFetchIntervalSec uint

	// The logging options to use
	LoggingOptions *log.Options

	// The tracing options to use
	TracingOptions *tracing.Options

	// The path to the file which indicates the liveness of the server by its existence.
	// This will be used for k8s liveness probe. If empty, it does nothing.
	LivenessProbeOptions *probe.Options

	// The path to the file for readiness probe, similar to LivenessProbePath.
	ReadinessProbeOptions *probe.Options

	// The introspection options to use
	IntrospectionOptions *ctrlz.Options

	// Port to use for Mixer's gRPC API
	APIPort uint16

	// Address to use for Mixer's gRPC API. This setting supercedes the API port setting.
	APIAddress string

	// Port to use for exposing mixer self-monitoring information
	MonitoringPort uint16

	// Enable profiling via web interface host:port/debug/pprof
	EnableProfiling bool

	// Enables gRPC-level tracing
	EnableGRPCTracing bool

	// If true, each request to Mixer will be executed in a single go routine (useful for debugging)
	SingleThreaded bool

	// Maximum number of entries in the check cache
	NumCheckCacheEntries int32

Args contains the startup arguments to instantiate Mixer.

func DefaultArgs

func DefaultArgs() *Args

DefaultArgs allocates an Args struct initialized with Mixer's default configuration.

func (*Args) String

func (a *Args) String() string

String produces a stringified version of the arguments for debugging.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is an in-memory Mixer service.

func New

func New(a *Args) (*Server, error)

New instantiates a fully functional Mixer server, ready for traffic.

func (*Server) Addr

func (s *Server) Addr() net.Addr

Addr returns the address of the server's API port, where gRPC requests can be sent.

func (*Server) Close

func (s *Server) Close() error

Close cleans up resources used by the server.

func (*Server) Dispatcher

func (s *Server) Dispatcher() dispatcher.Dispatcher

Dispatcher returns the dispatcher that was created during server creation. This should only be used for testing purposes only.

func (*Server) Run

func (s *Server) Run()

Run enables Mixer to start receiving gRPC requests on its main API port.

func (*Server) Wait

func (s *Server) Wait() error

Wait waits for the server to exit.

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