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func RunWifi

func RunWifi(log bunyan.Logger, messages chan CmdMessage, cfgLocation string)

    RunWifi starts AP and Station modes.


    type CmdMessage

    type CmdMessage struct {
    	Id      string
    	Command string
    	Message string
    	Error   bool
    	Cmd     *exec.Cmd
    	Stdin   *io.WriteCloser

      CmdMessage structures command output.

      type CmdRunner

      type CmdRunner struct {
      	Log      bunyan.Logger
      	Messages chan CmdMessage
      	Handlers map[string]func(CmdMessage)
      	Commands map[string]*exec.Cmd

        CmdRunner runs internal commands allows output handlers to be attached.

        func (*CmdRunner) HandleFunc

        func (c *CmdRunner) HandleFunc(cmdId string, handler func(cmdMessage CmdMessage))

          HandleFunc is a function that gets all channel messages for a command id

          func (*CmdRunner) ProcessCmd

          func (c *CmdRunner) ProcessCmd(id string, cmd *exec.Cmd)

            ProcessCmd processes an internal command.

            type Command

            type Command struct {
            	Log      bunyan.Logger
            	Runner   CmdRunner
            	SetupCfg *SetupCfg

              Command for device network commands.

              func (*Command) AddApInterface

              func (c *Command) AddApInterface()

                AddApInterface adds the AP interface.

                func (*Command) CheckApInterface

                func (c *Command) CheckApInterface()

                  CheckInterface checks the AP interface.

                  func (*Command) ConfigureApInterface

                  func (c *Command) ConfigureApInterface()

                    ConfigureApInterface configured the AP interface.

                    func (*Command) RemoveApInterface

                    func (c *Command) RemoveApInterface()

                      RemoveApInterface removes the AP interface.

                      func (*Command) StartDnsmasq

                      func (c *Command) StartDnsmasq()

                        StartDnsmasq starts dnsmasq.

                        func (*Command) StartWpaSupplicant

                        func (c *Command) StartWpaSupplicant()

                          StartWpaSupplicant starts wpa_supplicant.

                          func (*Command) UpApInterface

                          func (c *Command) UpApInterface()

                            UpApInterface ups the AP Interface.

                            type DnsmasqCfg

                            type DnsmasqCfg struct {
                            	Address     string `json:"address"`      // --address=/#/",
                            	DhcpRange   string `json:"dhcp_range"`   // "--dhcp-range=,,1h",
                            	VendorClass string `json:"vendor_class"` // "--dhcp-vendorclass=set:device,IoT",

                              DnsmasqCfg configures dnsmasq and is used by SetupCfg.

                              type HostApdCfg

                              type HostApdCfg struct {
                              	Ssid          string `json:"ssid"`           // ssid=iotwifi2
                              	WpaPassphrase string `json:"wpa_passphrase"` // wpa_passphrase=iotwifipass
                              	Channel       string `json:"channel"`        //  channel=6
                              	Ip            string `json:"ip"`             //

                                HostApdCfg configures hostapd and is used by SetupCfg.

                                type SetupCfg

                                type SetupCfg struct {
                                	DnsmasqCfg       DnsmasqCfg       `json:"dnsmasq_cfg"`
                                	HostApdCfg       HostApdCfg       `json:"host_apd_cfg"`
                                	WpaSupplicantCfg WpaSupplicantCfg `json:"wpa_supplicant_cfg"`

                                  SetupCfg is the main configuration structure.

                                  type WpaCfg

                                  type WpaCfg struct {
                                  	Log    bunyan.Logger
                                  	WpaCmd []string
                                  	WpaCfg *SetupCfg

                                    WpaCfg for configuring wpa

                                    func NewWpaCfg

                                    func NewWpaCfg(log bunyan.Logger, cfgLocation string) *WpaCfg

                                      NewWpaCfg produces WpaCfg configuration types.

                                      func (*WpaCfg) ConfiguredNetworks

                                      func (wpa *WpaCfg) ConfiguredNetworks() string

                                        ConfiguredNetworks returns a list of configured wifi networks.

                                        func (*WpaCfg) ConnectNetwork

                                        func (wpa *WpaCfg) ConnectNetwork(creds WpaCredentials) (WpaConnection, error)

                                          ConnectNetwork connects to a wifi network

                                          func (*WpaCfg) ScanNetworks

                                          func (wpa *WpaCfg) ScanNetworks() (map[string]WpaNetwork, error)

                                            ScanNetworks returns a map of WpaNetwork data structures.

                                            func (*WpaCfg) StartAP

                                            func (wpa *WpaCfg) StartAP()

                                              StartAP starts AP mode.

                                              func (*WpaCfg) Status

                                              func (wpa *WpaCfg) Status() (map[string]string, error)

                                                Status returns the WPA wireless status.

                                                type WpaConnection

                                                type WpaConnection struct {
                                                	Ssid    string `json:"ssid"`
                                                	State   string `json:"state"`
                                                	Ip      string `json:"ip"`
                                                	Message string `json:"message"`

                                                  WpaConnection defines a WPA connection.

                                                  type WpaCredentials

                                                  type WpaCredentials struct {
                                                  	Ssid string `json:"ssid"`
                                                  	Psk  string `json:"psk"`

                                                    WpaCredentials defines wifi network credentials.

                                                    type WpaNetwork

                                                    type WpaNetwork struct {
                                                    	Bssid       string `json:"bssid"`
                                                    	Frequency   string `json:"frequency"`
                                                    	SignalLevel string `json:"signal_level"`
                                                    	Flags       string `json:"flags"`
                                                    	Ssid        string `json:"ssid"`

                                                      WpaNetwork defines a wifi network to connect to.

                                                      type WpaSupplicantCfg

                                                      type WpaSupplicantCfg struct {
                                                      	CfgFile string `json:"cfg_file"` // /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

                                                        WpaSupplicantCfg configures wpa_supplicant and is used by SetupCfg