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var HtmlPage = `` /* 965-byte string literal not displayed */
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var KyvernoTemplate = `` /* 1103-byte string literal not displayed */


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type Container

type Container struct {
	Versions                []Version
	Category                string
	Subject                 string
	ValidationFailureAction string
	Background              bool

type DeprecatedResource

type DeprecatedResource struct {
	Namespace               string
	Name                    string
	DeprecatedGroupVersion  string
	DeprecatedKind          string
	DeprecationVersion      string
	RemovalVersion          string
	ReplacementGroupVersion string
	ReplacementKind         string

type DeprecatedResourceList

type DeprecatedResourceList struct {
	Items []DeprecatedResource

DeprecatedResourceList implements PrintableList

func (DeprecatedResourceList) ToHtml

func (p DeprecatedResourceList) ToHtml() string

func (DeprecatedResourceList) ToJson

func (p DeprecatedResourceList) ToJson() string

func (DeprecatedResourceList) ToTable

func (p DeprecatedResourceList) ToTable() string

type Deprecation

type Deprecation struct {
	KubeClient              *kubernetes.KubeClient
	K8sVersion              string
	IgnoredKinds            []string
	ThrottleBurst           int
	Category                string
	Subject                 string
	ValidationFailureAction string
	Background              bool

func (Deprecation) DeletePolicy

func (d Deprecation) DeletePolicy()

func (Deprecation) ExecuteKyvernoCreate

func (d Deprecation) ExecuteKyvernoCreate() string

func (Deprecation) ExecuteList

func (d Deprecation) ExecuteList() printer.PrintableList

func (Deprecation) HandleKyvernoResult

func (d Deprecation) HandleKyvernoResult(stringOutput, output, outputFile string, dryRun bool)

type GroupVersion

type GroupVersion struct {
	Group     string     `json:"group"`
	Version   string     `json:"version"`
	Resources []Resource `json:"resources"`

type GroupVersionKind

type GroupVersionKind struct {
	Group   string `json:"group"`
	Version string `json:"version"`
	Name    string `json:"name"`

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	Name        string           `json:"name"`
	Introduced  string           `json:"introduced"`
	Deprecated  string           `json:"deprecated"`
	Removed     string           `json:"removed"`
	Replacement GroupVersionKind `json:"replacement"`

type Version

type Version struct {
	Version string
	Message string
	Name    string
	Kinds   []string

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