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func GenerateNetworkConfig

func GenerateNetworkConfig(networkConfig *container.NetworkConfig) (string, error)

    GenerateNetworkConfig renders a network config for one or more network interfaces, using the given non-nil networkConfig containing a non-empty Interfaces field.

    func TemplateUserData

    func TemplateUserData(
    	series string,
    	authorizedKeys string,
    	aptProxy proxy.Settings,
    	aptMirror string,
    	enablePackageUpdates bool,
    	enableOSUpgrades bool,
    	networkConfig *container.NetworkConfig,
    ) ([]byte, error)

      templateUserData returns a minimal user data necessary for the template. This should have the authorized keys, base packages, the cloud archive if necessary, initial apt proxy config, and it should do the apt-get update/upgrade initially.

      func WriteCloudInitFile

      func WriteCloudInitFile(directory string, userData []byte) (string, error)

        WriteCloudInitFile writes the data out to a cloud-init file in the directory specified, and returns the filename.

        func WriteUserData

        func WriteUserData(
        	instanceConfig *instancecfg.InstanceConfig,
        	networkConfig *container.NetworkConfig,
        	directory string,
        ) (string, error)

          WriteUserData generates the cloud-init user-data using the specified machine and network config for a container, and writes the serialized form out to a cloud-init file in the directory specified.


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