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var BaseImagesPath = "images"

    BaseImagesPath is the container where images metadata is found.

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    var BaseToolsPath = "tools"

      BaseToolsPath is the container where tools tarballs and metadata are found.


      func Get

      func Get(stor StorageReader, name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

        Get gets the named file from stor using the stor's default consistency strategy.

        func GetWithRetry

        func GetWithRetry(stor StorageReader, name string, attempt utils.AttemptStrategy) (r io.ReadCloser, err error)

          GetWithRetry gets the named file from stor using the specified attempt strategy.

          func List

          func List(stor StorageReader, prefix string) ([]string, error)

            List lists the files matching prefix from stor using the stor's default consistency strategy.

            func ListWithRetry

            func ListWithRetry(stor StorageReader, prefix string, attempt utils.AttemptStrategy) (list []string, err error)

              ListWithRetry lists the files matching prefix from stor using the specified attempt strategy.

              func NewStorageSimpleStreamsDataSource

              func NewStorageSimpleStreamsDataSource(description string, storage StorageReader, basePath string) simplestreams.DataSource

                NewStorageSimpleStreamsDataSource returns a new datasource reading from the specified storage.

                func RemoveAll

                func RemoveAll(stor Storage) error

                  RemoveAll is a default implementation for StorageWriter.RemoveAll. Providers may have more efficient implementations, or better error handling, or safeguards against races with other users of the same storage medium. But a simple way to implement RemoveAll would be to delegate to here.

                  func TestingGetAllowRetry

                  func TestingGetAllowRetry(s simplestreams.DataSource) (bool, ok bool)

                    TestingGetAllowRetry is used in tests which need to see if allowRetry has been set on a storageSimpleStreamsDataSource.


                    type Storage

                    type Storage interface {

                      Storage represents storage that can be both read and written.

                      type StorageReader

                      type StorageReader interface {
                      	// Get opens the given storage file and returns a ReadCloser
                      	// that can be used to read its contents.  It is the caller's
                      	// responsibility to close it after use.  If the name does not
                      	// exist, it should return a *NotFoundError.
                      	Get(name string) (io.ReadCloser, error)
                      	// List lists all names in the storage with the given prefix, in
                      	// alphabetical order.  The names in the storage are considered
                      	// to be in a flat namespace, so the prefix may include slashes
                      	// and the names returned are the full names for the matching
                      	// entries.
                      	List(prefix string) ([]string, error)
                      	// URL returns a URL that can be used to access the given storage file.
                      	URL(name string) (string, error)
                      	// DefaultConsistencyStrategy returns the appropriate polling for waiting
                      	// for this storage to become consistent.
                      	// If the storage implementation has immediate consistency, the
                      	// strategy won't need to wait at all.  But for eventually-consistent
                      	// storage backends a few seconds of polling may be needed.
                      	DefaultConsistencyStrategy() utils.AttemptStrategy
                      	// ShouldRetry returns true is the specified error is such that an
                      	// operation can be performed again with a chance of success. This is
                      	// typically the case where the storage implementation does not have
                      	// immediate consistency and needs to be given a chance to "catch up".
                      	ShouldRetry(error) bool

                        A StorageReader can retrieve and list files from a storage provider.

                        type StorageWriter

                        type StorageWriter interface {
                        	// Put reads from r and writes to the given storage file.
                        	// The length must give the total length of the file.
                        	Put(name string, r io.Reader, length int64) error
                        	// Remove removes the given file from the environment's
                        	// storage. It should not return an error if the file does
                        	// not exist.
                        	Remove(name string) error
                        	// RemoveAll deletes all files that have been stored here.
                        	// If the underlying storage implementation may be shared
                        	// with other actors, it must be sure not to delete their
                        	// file as well.
                        	// Nevertheless, use with care!  This method is only mean
                        	// for cleaning up an environment that's being destroyed.
                        	RemoveAll() error

                          A StorageWriter adds and removes files in a storage provider.