The feature package defines the names of the current feature flags.



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const AddressAllocation = "address-allocation"

AddressAllocation is used to indicate that LXC and KVM containers on providers that support that (currently only MAAS and EC2) will use statically allocated IP addresses.

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const DisableRsyslog = "disable-rsyslog"

DisableRsyslog will stop the writing of the rsyslog accumulation and forwarding configuration files by stopping the rsyslog workers.

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const JES = "jes"

JES stands for Juju Environment Server and controls access to the apiserver endpoints, api client and CLI commands. It also guards the writing of the new $JUJU_HOME/environments/cache.yaml file. If this flag is set, new environments will be written to the cache file rather than a JENV file. As JENV files are updated, they are migrated to the cache file and the JENV file removed.

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const LegacyUpstart = "legacy-upstart"

LegacyUpstart is used to indicate that the version-based init system discovery code (service.VersionInitSystem) should return upstart instead of systemd for vivid and newer.

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const LogErrorStack = "log-error-stack"

LogErrorStack is a developer feature flag to have the LoggedErrorStack function in the utils package write out the error stack as defined by the errors package to the logger. The ability to log the error stack is very useful in those error cases where you really don't expect there to be a failure. This means that the developers with this flag set will see the stack trace in the log output, but normal deployments never will.

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const PostNetCLIMVP = "post-net-cli-mvp"

PostNetCLIMVP is used to indicate that additional networking commands will be available in addition to the networking MVP ones (space list|create, subnet list|add).

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const VSphereProvider = "vsphere-provider"

VSphereProvider enables the generic vmware provider.


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func IsDbLogEnabled

func IsDbLogEnabled() bool

IsDbLogEnabled returns true if logging to MongoDB should be enabled based on the dbLog or JES feature flags.


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