Package universal implements a signer that can do remote or local



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    func NewSigner

    func NewSigner(root Root, policy *config.Signing) (signer.Signer, error)

      NewSigner generates a new certificate signer from a Root structure. This is one of two standard signers: local or remote. If the root structure specifies a force remote, then a remote signer is created, otherwise either a remote or local signer is generated based on the policy. For a local signer, the CertFile and KeyFile need to be defined in Root.

      func PrependLocalSignerToList

      func PrependLocalSignerToList(signer localSignerCheck)

        PrependLocalSignerToList prepends signer to the local signer's list


        type Root

        type Root struct {
        	Config      map[string]string
        	ForceRemote bool

          Root is used to define where the universal signer gets its public certificate and private keys for signing.

          type Signer

          type Signer struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Signer represents a universal signer which is both local and remote to fulfill the signer.Signer interface.

            func (*Signer) GetDBAccessor

            func (s *Signer) GetDBAccessor() certdb.Accessor

              GetDBAccessor returns the signer's cert db accessor.

              func (*Signer) Info

              func (s *Signer) Info(req info.Req) (resp *info.Resp, err error)

                Info sends an info request to the remote or local CFSSL server receiving an Resp struct or an error in response.

                func (*Signer) Policy

                func (s *Signer) Policy() *config.Signing

                  Policy returns the signer's policy.

                  func (*Signer) SetDBAccessor

                  func (s *Signer) SetDBAccessor(dba certdb.Accessor)

                    SetDBAccessor sets the signer's cert db accessor.

                    func (*Signer) SetPolicy

                    func (s *Signer) SetPolicy(policy *config.Signing)

                      SetPolicy sets the signer's signature policy.

                      func (*Signer) SetReqModifier

                      func (s *Signer) SetReqModifier(mod func(*http.Request, []byte))

                        SetReqModifier sets the function to call to modify the HTTP request prior to sending it

                        func (*Signer) SigAlgo

                        func (s *Signer) SigAlgo() x509.SignatureAlgorithm

                          SigAlgo returns the RSA signer's signature algorithm.

                          func (*Signer) Sign

                          func (s *Signer) Sign(req signer.SignRequest) (cert []byte, err error)

                            Sign sends a signature request to either the remote or local signer, receiving a signed certificate or an error in response.

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