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const (
	PauseTrue int = iota + 20000


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func Init

Init creates a new instance of the Kubernetes plugin


type HelmConfiguration

type HelmConfiguration struct {
	Folder string

HelmConfiguration stores any resources that need to be cleaned up after use

func (*HelmConfiguration) Cleanup

func (f *HelmConfiguration) Cleanup()

Cleanup any resources associated with the Helm configuration

type KubeAPIVersions

type KubeAPIVersions struct {
	Kind                       string        `json:"kind"`
	Versions                   []string      `json:"versions"`
	ServerAddressByClientCIDRs []interface{} `json:"serverAddressByClientCIDRs"`

type KubeProxyError

type KubeProxyError struct {
	Name string

KubeProxyError represents error when a proxied request to the Kube API failes

type KubeProxyFunc

type KubeProxyFunc func(*interfaces.ConnectedEndpoint, chan KubeProxyResponse)

KubeProxyFunc represents a function to proxy to the Kube API

type KubeProxyResponse

type KubeProxyResponse struct {
	Endpoint string
	Result   interface{}
	Error    *KubeProxyError

KubeProxyResponse represents a response from a proxy request to the Kube API

type KubeProxyResponses

type KubeProxyResponses map[string]interface{}

KubeProxyResponses represents response from multiple proxy requests to the Kube API

type KubeStatus

type KubeStatus struct {
	Kind       string      `json:"kind"`
	ApiVersion string      `json:"apiVersion"`
	Metadata   interface{} `json:"metadata"`
	Status     string      `json:"status"`
	Message    string      `json:"message"`
	Reason     string      `json:"reason"`
	Details    interface{} `json:"details"`
	Code       int         `json:"code"`

type KubernetesSpecification

type KubernetesSpecification struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KubernetesSpecification is the endpoint that adds Kubernetes support to the backend

func (*KubernetesSpecification) AddAdminGroupRoutes

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) AddAdminGroupRoutes(echoGroup *echo.Group)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) AddAuthProvider

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) AddAuthProvider(provider auth.KubeAuthProvider)

AddAuthProvider adds a Kubernetes auth provider

func (*KubernetesSpecification) AddSessionGroupRoutes

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) AddSessionGroupRoutes(echoGroup *echo.Group)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) Connect

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) Connect(ec echo.Context, cnsiRecord interfaces.CNSIRecord, userID string) (*interfaces.TokenRecord, bool, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) DeleteRelease

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) DeleteRelease(ec echo.Context) error

DeleteRelease will delete a release

func (*KubernetesSpecification) FindAuthProvider

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) FindAuthProvider(name string) auth.KubeAuthProvider

FindAuthProvider finds auth provider - case insensitive

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetAuthProvider

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetAuthProvider(name string) auth.KubeAuthProvider

GetAuthProvider gets a Kubernetes auth provider by key

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetClientId

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetClientId() string

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetConfigForEndpoint

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetConfigForEndpoint(masterURL string, token interfaces.TokenRecord) (*restclient.Config, error)

GetConfigForEndpoint gets a config for the Kubernetes go-client for the specified endpoint

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetConfigForEndpointUser

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetConfigForEndpointUser(endpointID, userID string) (*restclient.Config, error)

GetConfigForEndpointUser gets a kube config for the endpoint ID and user ID

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetEndpointPlugin

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetEndpointPlugin() (interfaces.EndpointPlugin, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetHelmConfiguration

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetHelmConfiguration(endpointGUID, userID, namespace string) (*action.Configuration, *HelmConfiguration, error)

GetHelmConfiguration - gets a Helm V3 client for using it as a client library

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetKubeConfigForEndpoint

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetKubeConfigForEndpoint(masterURL string, token interfaces.TokenRecord, namespace string) (string, error)

GetKubeConfigForEndpoint gets a Kube Config file contents for the specified endpoint

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetKubeConfigForEndpointUser

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetKubeConfigForEndpointUser(endpointID, userID string) (string, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetMiddlewarePlugin

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetMiddlewarePlugin() (interfaces.MiddlewarePlugin, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetRelease

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetRelease(ec echo.Context) error

GetRelease gets the release information for a specific Helm release

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetReleaseHistory

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetReleaseHistory(ec echo.Context) error

GetReleaseHistory will get the history for a release

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetReleaseStatus

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetReleaseStatus(ec echo.Context) error

GetReleaseStatus will get release status for the given release This is a web socket request and will return info over the websocket polling until disconnected

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetRoutePlugin

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetRoutePlugin() (interfaces.RoutePlugin, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) GetType

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) GetType() string

func (*KubernetesSpecification) Info

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) Info(apiEndpoint string, skipSSLValidation bool) (interfaces.CNSIRecord, interface{}, error)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) Init

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) Init() error

Init the Kubernetes Jetstream plugin

func (*KubernetesSpecification) InstallRelease

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) InstallRelease(ec echo.Context) error

InstallRelease will install a Helm 3 release

func (*KubernetesSpecification) ListReleases

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) ListReleases(ec echo.Context) error

ListReleases will list the helm releases for all endpoints

func (*KubernetesSpecification) ProxyKubernetesAPI

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) ProxyKubernetesAPI(userID string, f KubeProxyFunc) (KubeProxyResponses, error)

ProxyKubernetesAPI proxies an API request to all of the user's connected Kubernetes endpoints

func (*KubernetesSpecification) Register

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) Register(echoContext echo.Context) error

func (*KubernetesSpecification) RequiresCert

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) RequiresCert(ec echo.Context) error

func (*KubernetesSpecification) UpdateMetadata

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) UpdateMetadata(info *interfaces.Info, userGUID string, echoContext echo.Context)

func (*KubernetesSpecification) UpgradeRelease

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) UpgradeRelease(ec echo.Context) error

UpgradeRelease will upgrade the specified release

func (*KubernetesSpecification) Validate

func (c *KubernetesSpecification) Validate(userGUID string, cnsiRecord interfaces.CNSIRecord, tokenRecord interfaces.TokenRecord) error

type ResourceMessage

type ResourceMessage struct {
	MessageType int `json:"type"`

ResourceMessage ... Incoming content of socket

type ResourceResponse

type ResourceResponse struct {
	Kind string          `json:"kind"`
	Data json.RawMessage `json:"data"`

ResourceResponse ... Outgoing content of socket


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