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type TestEnvironment

type TestEnvironment struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTestEnvironment

func NewTestEnvironment(
	cmdRunner boshsys.CmdRunner,
) (*TestEnvironment, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) AssetsDir

func (t *TestEnvironment) AssetsDir() string

func (*TestEnvironment) AttachDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) AttachDevice(devicePath string, partitionSize, numPartitions int) error

func (*TestEnvironment) AttachLoopDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) AttachLoopDevice(size int) (int, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) AttachPartitionedRootDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) AttachPartitionedRootDevice(devicePath string, sizeInMB, rootPartitionSizeInMB int) (string, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) CleanupDataDir

func (t *TestEnvironment) CleanupDataDir() error

func (*TestEnvironment) CleanupLogFile

func (t *TestEnvironment) CleanupLogFile() error

func (*TestEnvironment) CleanupSSH

func (t *TestEnvironment) CleanupSSH() error

func (*TestEnvironment) ConfigureAgentForGenericInfrastructure

func (t *TestEnvironment) ConfigureAgentForGenericInfrastructure() error

ConfigureAgentForGenericInfrastructure executes the asset. Required for reverse-compatibility with older bosh-lite (remove once a new warden stemcell is built).

func (*TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromAsset

func (t *TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromAsset(assetPath, blobID string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromAssetInActualBlobstore

func (t *TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromAssetInActualBlobstore(assetPath, blobstorePath, blobID string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromStringInActualBlobstore

func (t *TestEnvironment) CreateBlobFromStringInActualBlobstore(contents, blobstorePath, blobID string) (string, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) CreateSensitiveBlobFromAsset

func (t *TestEnvironment) CreateSensitiveBlobFromAsset(assetPath, blobID string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) DetachDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) DetachDevice(dir string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) DetachLoopDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) DetachLoopDevice(devicePath string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) DetachLoopDevices

func (t *TestEnvironment) DetachLoopDevices() error

func (*TestEnvironment) DetachPartitionedRootDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) DetachPartitionedRootDevice(rootLink string, devicePath string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) GetFileContents

func (t *TestEnvironment) GetFileContents(filePath string) (string, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) GetVMNetworks

func (t *TestEnvironment) GetVMNetworks() (boshsettings.Networks, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) LogFileContains

func (t *TestEnvironment) LogFileContains(content string) bool

func (*TestEnvironment) RemoveDevice

func (t *TestEnvironment) RemoveDevice(devicePath string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) ResetDeviceMap

func (t *TestEnvironment) ResetDeviceMap() error

func (*TestEnvironment) RestartAgent

func (t *TestEnvironment) RestartAgent() error

func (*TestEnvironment) RunCommand

func (t *TestEnvironment) RunCommand(command string) (string, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) RunCommand3

func (t *TestEnvironment) RunCommand3(command string) (string, string, int, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) RunCommandChain

func (t *TestEnvironment) RunCommandChain(commands ...string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) SetUpDummyNetworkInterface

func (t *TestEnvironment) SetUpDummyNetworkInterface(ip, mac string) error

func (*TestEnvironment) SetupConfigDrive

func (t *TestEnvironment) SetupConfigDrive() error

func (*TestEnvironment) StartAgent

func (t *TestEnvironment) StartAgent() error

func (*TestEnvironment) StartAgentTunnel

func (t *TestEnvironment) StartAgentTunnel(mbusUser, mbusPass string, mbusPort int) (*integrationagentclient.IntegrationAgentClient, error)

func (*TestEnvironment) StartBlobstore

func (t *TestEnvironment) StartBlobstore() error

func (*TestEnvironment) StartRegistry

func (t *TestEnvironment) StartRegistry(settings boshsettings.Settings) error

func (*TestEnvironment) StopAgent

func (t *TestEnvironment) StopAgent() error

func (*TestEnvironment) StopAgentTunnel

func (t *TestEnvironment) StopAgentTunnel() error

func (*TestEnvironment) TearDownDummyNetworkInterface

func (t *TestEnvironment) TearDownDummyNetworkInterface() error

func (*TestEnvironment) UpdateAgentConfig

func (t *TestEnvironment) UpdateAgentConfig(configFile string) error

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