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type AddJobArgs

type AddJobArgs struct {
	Name       string
	Index      int
	ConfigPath string

type FakeJobSupervisor

type FakeJobSupervisor struct {
	Reloaded  bool
	ReloadErr error

	AddJobArgs []AddJobArgs

	RemovedAllJobs    bool
	RemovedAllJobsErr error

	Started  bool
	StartErr error

	Stopped          bool
	StopErr          error
	StoppedAndWaited bool

	Unmonitored  bool
	UnmonitorErr error

	StatusStatus    string
	ProcessesStatus []boshjobsuper.Process
	ProcessesError  error

	JobFailureAlert *boshalert.MonitAlert

	HealthRecorded      int
	HealthRecordedMutex sync.Mutex

func NewFakeJobSupervisor

func NewFakeJobSupervisor() *FakeJobSupervisor

func NewFakeJobSupervisorWithArgs

func NewFakeJobSupervisorWithArgs() *FakeJobSupervisor

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) AddJob

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) AddJob(jobName string, jobIndex int, configPath string) error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) GetHealthRecorded

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) GetHealthRecorded() int

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) HealthRecorder

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) HealthRecorder(status string)

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) MonitorJobFailures

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) MonitorJobFailures(handler boshjobsuper.JobFailureHandler) error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Processes

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Processes() ([]boshjobsuper.Process, error)

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Reload

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Reload() error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) RemoveAllJobs

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) RemoveAllJobs() error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Start

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Start() error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Status

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Status() string

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Stop

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Stop() error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) StopAndWait

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) StopAndWait() error

func (*FakeJobSupervisor) Unmonitor

func (m *FakeJobSupervisor) Unmonitor() error

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