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const ProtectCmdlet = "Protect-Path"


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type Formatter

type Formatter struct {
	Runner boshsys.CmdRunner

func (*Formatter) Format

func (f *Formatter) Format(diskNumber, partitionNumber string) error

type Linker

type Linker struct {
	Runner boshsys.CmdRunner
func (l *Linker) Link(location, target string) error

func (*Linker) LinkTarget

func (l *Linker) LinkTarget(location string) (target string, err error)

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWindowsDiskManager

func NewWindowsDiskManager(cmdRunner system.CmdRunner) *Manager

func (*Manager) GetFormatter

func (m *Manager) GetFormatter() WindowsDiskFormatter

func (*Manager) GetLinker

func (m *Manager) GetLinker() WindowsDiskLinker

func (*Manager) GetPartitioner

func (m *Manager) GetPartitioner() WindowsDiskPartitioner

func (*Manager) GetProtector

func (m *Manager) GetProtector() WindowsDiskProtector

type Partitioner

type Partitioner struct {
	Runner boshsys.CmdRunner

func (*Partitioner) AssignDriveLetter

func (p *Partitioner) AssignDriveLetter(diskNumber, partitionNumber string) (string, error)

func (*Partitioner) GetCountOnDisk

func (p *Partitioner) GetCountOnDisk(diskNumber string) (string, error)

func (*Partitioner) GetFreeSpaceOnDisk

func (p *Partitioner) GetFreeSpaceOnDisk(diskNumber string) (int, error)

func (*Partitioner) InitializeDisk

func (p *Partitioner) InitializeDisk(diskNumber string) error

func (*Partitioner) PartitionDisk

func (p *Partitioner) PartitionDisk(diskNumber string) (string, error)

type Protector

type Protector struct {
	Runner system.CmdRunner

func (*Protector) CommandExists

func (p *Protector) CommandExists() bool

func (*Protector) ProtectPath

func (p *Protector) ProtectPath(path string) error

type WindowsDiskFormatter

type WindowsDiskFormatter interface {
	Format(diskNumber, partitionNumber string) error

type WindowsDiskLinker

type WindowsDiskLinker interface {
	LinkTarget(location string) (target string, err error)
	Link(location, target string) error

type WindowsDiskPartitioner

type WindowsDiskPartitioner interface {
	GetCountOnDisk(diskNumber string) (string, error)
	GetFreeSpaceOnDisk(diskNumber string) (int, error)
	InitializeDisk(diskNumber string) error
	PartitionDisk(diskNumber string) (string, error)
	AssignDriveLetter(diskNumber, partitionNumber string) (string, error)

type WindowsDiskProtector

type WindowsDiskProtector interface {
	CommandExists() bool
	ProtectPath(path string) error


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