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type Provider

type Provider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewProvider

func NewProvider(baseDir string) Provider

func (Provider) AgentLogsDir

func (p Provider) AgentLogsDir() string

func (Provider) BaseDir

func (p Provider) BaseDir() string

func (Provider) BlobsDir

func (p Provider) BlobsDir() string

func (Provider) BoshBinDir

func (p Provider) BoshBinDir() string

func (Provider) BoshDir

func (p Provider) BoshDir() string

func (Provider) CompileDir

func (p Provider) CompileDir() string

func (Provider) DataDir

func (p Provider) DataDir() string

func (Provider) DisksDir

func (p Provider) DisksDir() string

func (Provider) EtcDir

func (p Provider) EtcDir() string

func (Provider) InstanceDNSDir

func (p Provider) InstanceDNSDir() string

func (Provider) InstanceDir

func (p Provider) InstanceDir() string

func (Provider) JobBinDir

func (p Provider) JobBinDir(jobName string) string

func (Provider) JobsDir

func (p Provider) JobsDir() string

func (Provider) LogsDir

func (p Provider) LogsDir() string

func (Provider) MicroStore added in v0.0.24

func (p Provider) MicroStore() string

func (Provider) MonitDir

func (p Provider) MonitDir() string

func (Provider) MonitJobsDir

func (p Provider) MonitJobsDir() string

func (Provider) PkgDir

func (p Provider) PkgDir() string

func (Provider) SettingsDir

func (p Provider) SettingsDir() string

func (Provider) StoreDir

func (p Provider) StoreDir() string

func (Provider) StoreMigrationDir

func (p Provider) StoreMigrationDir() string

func (Provider) TmpDir

func (p Provider) TmpDir() string

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