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type Config

type Config interface {
	Environments() []Environment
	ResolveEnvironment(urlOrAlias string) string
	AliasEnvironment(url, alias, caCert string) (Config, error)
	UnaliasEnvironment(alias string) (Config, error)

	CACert(url string) string

	Credentials(url string) Creds
	SetCredentials(url string, creds Creds) Config
	UnsetCredentials(url string) Config
	UpdateConfigWithToken(environment string, t uaa.AccessToken) error

	Save() error

type Creds

type Creds struct {
	// Basic auth username/password or UAA client creds
	Client       string
	ClientSecret string

	// For UAA users
	AccessTokenType string
	AccessToken     string
	RefreshToken    string

func (Creds) Description

func (c Creds) Description() string

func (Creds) IsBasicComplete

func (c Creds) IsBasicComplete() bool

func (Creds) IsUAA

func (c Creds) IsUAA() bool

func (Creds) IsUAAClient

func (c Creds) IsUAAClient() bool

type Environment

type Environment struct {
	URL   string
	Alias string

type FSConfig

type FSConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFSConfigFromPath

func NewFSConfigFromPath(path string, fs boshsys.FileSystem) (FSConfig, error)

func (FSConfig) AliasEnvironment added in v0.0.96

func (c FSConfig) AliasEnvironment(url, alias, caCert string) (Config, error)

func (FSConfig) CACert

func (c FSConfig) CACert(urlOrAlias string) string

func (FSConfig) Credentials

func (c FSConfig) Credentials(urlOrAlias string) Creds

func (FSConfig) Environments

func (c FSConfig) Environments() []Environment

func (FSConfig) ResolveEnvironment

func (c FSConfig) ResolveEnvironment(urlOrAlias string) string

func (FSConfig) Save

func (c FSConfig) Save() error

func (FSConfig) SetCredentials

func (c FSConfig) SetCredentials(urlOrAlias string, creds Creds) Config

func (FSConfig) UnaliasEnvironment

func (c FSConfig) UnaliasEnvironment(alias string) (Config, error)

func (FSConfig) UnsetCredentials

func (c FSConfig) UnsetCredentials(urlOrAlias string) Config

func (FSConfig) UpdateConfigWithToken

func (c FSConfig) UpdateConfigWithToken(environment string, t uaa.AccessToken) error


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