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Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.

Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.

Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.



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type FakeReader

type FakeReader struct {
	ReadStub func(string) (release.Release, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeReader) Invocations

func (fake *FakeReader) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*FakeReader) Read

func (fake *FakeReader) Read(arg1 string) (release.Release, error)

func (*FakeReader) ReadArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeReader) ReadArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeReader) ReadCallCount

func (fake *FakeReader) ReadCallCount() int

func (*FakeReader) ReadCalls

func (fake *FakeReader) ReadCalls(stub func(string) (release.Release, error))

func (*FakeReader) ReadReturns

func (fake *FakeReader) ReadReturns(result1 release.Release, result2 error)

func (*FakeReader) ReadReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeReader) ReadReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 release.Release, result2 error)

type FakeRelease

type FakeRelease struct {
	BuildStub func(release.ArchiveIndicies, release.ArchiveIndicies, int) error

	CleanUpStub func() error

	CommitHashWithMarkStub func(string) string

	CompiledPackagesStub func() []*pkg.CompiledPackage

	CopyWithStub func([]*job.Job, []*pkg.Package, *license.License, []*pkg.CompiledPackage) release.Release

	FinalizeStub func(release.ArchiveIndicies, int) error

	FindJobByNameStub func(string) (job.Job, bool)

	IsCompiledStub func() bool

	JobsStub func() []*job.Job

	LicenseStub func() *license.License

	ManifestStub func() manifest.Manifest

	NameStub func() string

	PackagesStub func() []*pkg.Package

	SetCommitHashStub func(string)

	SetNameStub func(string)

	SetUncommittedChangesStub func(bool)

	SetVersionStub func(string)

	VersionStub func() string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeRelease) Build

func (fake *FakeRelease) Build(arg1 release.ArchiveIndicies, arg2 release.ArchiveIndicies, arg3 int) error

func (*FakeRelease) BuildArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) BuildArgsForCall(i int) (release.ArchiveIndicies, release.ArchiveIndicies, int)

func (*FakeRelease) BuildCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) BuildCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) BuildCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) BuildCalls(stub func(release.ArchiveIndicies, release.ArchiveIndicies, int) error)

func (*FakeRelease) BuildReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) BuildReturns(result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) BuildReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) BuildReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) CleanUp

func (fake *FakeRelease) CleanUp() error

func (*FakeRelease) CleanUpCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) CleanUpCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) CleanUpCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) CleanUpCalls(stub func() error)

func (*FakeRelease) CleanUpReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) CleanUpReturns(result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) CleanUpReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CleanUpReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMark

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMark(arg1 string) string

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkCalls(stub func(string) string)

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkReturns(result1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CommitHashWithMarkReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) CompiledPackages

func (fake *FakeRelease) CompiledPackages() []*pkg.CompiledPackage

func (*FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesCalls(stub func() []*pkg.CompiledPackage)

func (*FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesReturns(result1 []*pkg.CompiledPackage)

func (*FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CompiledPackagesReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []*pkg.CompiledPackage)

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWith

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWith(arg1 []*job.Job, arg2 []*pkg.Package, arg3 *license.License, arg4 []*pkg.CompiledPackage) release.Release

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWithArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWithArgsForCall(i int) ([]*job.Job, []*pkg.Package, *license.License, []*pkg.CompiledPackage)

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWithCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWithCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWithCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWithCalls(stub func([]*job.Job, []*pkg.Package, *license.License, []*pkg.CompiledPackage) release.Release)

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWithReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWithReturns(result1 release.Release)

func (*FakeRelease) CopyWithReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) CopyWithReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 release.Release)

func (*FakeRelease) Finalize

func (fake *FakeRelease) Finalize(arg1 release.ArchiveIndicies, arg2 int) error

func (*FakeRelease) FinalizeArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) FinalizeArgsForCall(i int) (release.ArchiveIndicies, int)

func (*FakeRelease) FinalizeCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) FinalizeCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) FinalizeCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) FinalizeCalls(stub func(release.ArchiveIndicies, int) error)

func (*FakeRelease) FinalizeReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) FinalizeReturns(result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) FinalizeReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) FinalizeReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByName

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByName(arg1 string) (job.Job, bool)

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByNameArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByNameArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByNameCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByNameCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByNameCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByNameCalls(stub func(string) (job.Job, bool))

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByNameReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByNameReturns(result1 job.Job, result2 bool)

func (*FakeRelease) FindJobByNameReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) FindJobByNameReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 job.Job, result2 bool)

func (*FakeRelease) Invocations

func (fake *FakeRelease) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*FakeRelease) IsCompiled

func (fake *FakeRelease) IsCompiled() bool

func (*FakeRelease) IsCompiledCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) IsCompiledCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) IsCompiledCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) IsCompiledCalls(stub func() bool)

func (*FakeRelease) IsCompiledReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) IsCompiledReturns(result1 bool)

func (*FakeRelease) IsCompiledReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) IsCompiledReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 bool)

func (*FakeRelease) Jobs

func (fake *FakeRelease) Jobs() []*job.Job

func (*FakeRelease) JobsCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) JobsCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) JobsCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) JobsCalls(stub func() []*job.Job)

func (*FakeRelease) JobsReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) JobsReturns(result1 []*job.Job)

func (*FakeRelease) JobsReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) JobsReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []*job.Job)

func (*FakeRelease) License

func (fake *FakeRelease) License() *license.License

func (*FakeRelease) LicenseCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) LicenseCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) LicenseCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) LicenseCalls(stub func() *license.License)

func (*FakeRelease) LicenseReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) LicenseReturns(result1 *license.License)

func (*FakeRelease) LicenseReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) LicenseReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 *license.License)

func (*FakeRelease) Manifest

func (fake *FakeRelease) Manifest() manifest.Manifest

func (*FakeRelease) ManifestCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) ManifestCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) ManifestCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) ManifestCalls(stub func() manifest.Manifest)

func (*FakeRelease) ManifestReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) ManifestReturns(result1 manifest.Manifest)

func (*FakeRelease) ManifestReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) ManifestReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 manifest.Manifest)

func (*FakeRelease) Name

func (fake *FakeRelease) Name() string

func (*FakeRelease) NameCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) NameCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) NameCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) NameCalls(stub func() string)

func (*FakeRelease) NameReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) NameReturns(result1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) NameReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) NameReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) Packages

func (fake *FakeRelease) Packages() []*pkg.Package

func (*FakeRelease) PackagesCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) PackagesCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) PackagesCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) PackagesCalls(stub func() []*pkg.Package)

func (*FakeRelease) PackagesReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) PackagesReturns(result1 []*pkg.Package)

func (*FakeRelease) PackagesReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) PackagesReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []*pkg.Package)

func (*FakeRelease) SetCommitHash

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetCommitHash(arg1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) SetCommitHashArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetCommitHashArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeRelease) SetCommitHashCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetCommitHashCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) SetCommitHashCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetCommitHashCalls(stub func(string))

func (*FakeRelease) SetName

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetName(arg1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) SetNameArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetNameArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeRelease) SetNameCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetNameCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) SetNameCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetNameCalls(stub func(string))

func (*FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChanges

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChanges(arg1 bool)

func (*FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesArgsForCall(i int) bool

func (*FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetUncommittedChangesCalls(stub func(bool))

func (*FakeRelease) SetVersion

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetVersion(arg1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) SetVersionArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetVersionArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*FakeRelease) SetVersionCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetVersionCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) SetVersionCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) SetVersionCalls(stub func(string))

func (*FakeRelease) Version

func (fake *FakeRelease) Version() string

func (*FakeRelease) VersionCallCount

func (fake *FakeRelease) VersionCallCount() int

func (*FakeRelease) VersionCalls

func (fake *FakeRelease) VersionCalls(stub func() string)

func (*FakeRelease) VersionReturns

func (fake *FakeRelease) VersionReturns(result1 string)

func (*FakeRelease) VersionReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeRelease) VersionReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 string)

type FakeWriter

type FakeWriter struct {
	WriteStub func(release.Release, []string) (string, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FakeWriter) Invocations

func (fake *FakeWriter) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*FakeWriter) Write

func (fake *FakeWriter) Write(arg1 release.Release, arg2 []string) (string, error)

func (*FakeWriter) WriteArgsForCall

func (fake *FakeWriter) WriteArgsForCall(i int) (release.Release, []string)

func (*FakeWriter) WriteCallCount

func (fake *FakeWriter) WriteCallCount() int

func (*FakeWriter) WriteCalls

func (fake *FakeWriter) WriteCalls(stub func(release.Release, []string) (string, error))

func (*FakeWriter) WriteReturns

func (fake *FakeWriter) WriteReturns(result1 string, result2 error)

func (*FakeWriter) WriteReturnsOnCall

func (fake *FakeWriter) WriteReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 string, result2 error)

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