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var Commands = NewRegistry()


func NewRegistry

func NewRegistry() *registry

func Register

func Register(cmd Command)


type Command

type Command interface {
	MetaData() CommandMetadata
	SetDependency(deps Dependency, pluginCall bool) Command
	Requirements(requirementsFactory requirements.Factory, context flags.FlagContext) (reqs []requirements.Requirement, err error)
	Execute(context flags.FlagContext)

type CommandMetadata

type CommandMetadata struct {
	Name            string
	ShortName       string
	Usage           string
	Description     string
	Flags           map[string]flags.FlagSet
	SkipFlagParsing bool
	TotalArgs       int //Optional: number of required arguments to skip for flag verification
	Hidden          bool

type Dependency

type Dependency struct {
	Ui                 terminal.UI
	Config             core_config.Repository
	RepoLocator        api.RepositoryLocator
	PluginConfig       plugin_config.PluginConfiguration
	ManifestRepo       manifest.ManifestRepository
	AppManifest        manifest.AppManifest
	Gateways           map[string]net.Gateway
	TeePrinter         *terminal.TeePrinter
	PluginRepo         plugin_repo.PluginRepo
	PluginModels       *PluginModels
	ServiceBuilder     service_builder.ServiceBuilder
	BrokerBuilder      broker_builder.Builder
	PlanBuilder        plan_builder.PlanBuilder
	ServiceHandler     actors.ServiceActor
	ServicePlanHandler actors.ServicePlanActor
	WordGenerator      generator.WordGenerator
	AppZipper          app_files.Zipper
	AppFiles           app_files.AppFiles
	PushActor          actors.PushActor
	ChecksumUtil       utils.Sha1Checksum
	WilecardDependency interface{} //use for injecting fakes

func NewDependency

func NewDependency() Dependency

type PluginModels

type PluginModels struct {
	Application   *plugin_models.GetAppModel
	AppsSummary   *[]plugin_models.GetAppsModel
	Organizations *[]plugin_models.GetOrgs_Model
	Organization  *plugin_models.GetOrg_Model
	Spaces        *[]plugin_models.GetSpaces_Model
	Space         *plugin_models.GetSpace_Model
	OrgUsers      *[]plugin_models.GetOrgUsers_Model
	SpaceUsers    *[]plugin_models.GetSpaceUsers_Model
	Services      *[]plugin_models.GetServices_Model
	Service       *plugin_models.GetService_Model
	OauthToken    *plugin_models.GetOauthToken_Model


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