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Published: Jan 7, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 1




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const (
	Default_ProberConfig_DisableJitter       = bool(false)
	Default_ProberConfig_SysvarsIntervalMsec = int32(10000)
	Default_ProberConfig_SysvarsEnvVar       = string("SYSVARS")
	Default_ProberConfig_StopTimeSec         = int32(5)

Default values for ProberConfig fields.


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var File_github_com_cloudprober_cloudprober_config_proto_config_proto protoreflect.FileDescriptor


This section is empty.


type ProberConfig

type ProberConfig struct {

	// Probes to run.
	Probe []*proto.ProbeDef `protobuf:"bytes,1,rep,name=probe" json:"probe,omitempty"`
	// Surfacers are used to export probe results for further processing.
	// If no surfacer is configured, a prometheus and a file surfacer are
	// initialized:
	//  - Prometheus makes probe results available at http://<host>:9313/metrics.
	//  - File surfacer writes results to stdout.
	// You can disable default surfacers (in case you want no surfacer at all), by
	// adding the following to your config:
	//   surfacer {}
	Surfacer []*proto1.SurfacerDef `protobuf:"bytes,2,rep,name=surfacer" json:"surfacer,omitempty"`
	// Servers to run inside cloudprober. These servers can serve as targets for
	// other probes.
	Server []*proto2.ServerDef `protobuf:"bytes,3,rep,name=server" json:"server,omitempty"`
	// Shared targets allow you to re-use the same targets copy across multiple
	// probes. Example usage:
	// shared_targets {
	//   name: "internal-vms"
	//   targets {
	//     rds_targets {
	//       ..
	//     }
	//   }
	// }
	// probe {
	//   name: "vm-ping"
	//   type: PING
	//   targets {
	//     shared_targets: "internal-vms"
	//   }
	// }
	// probe {
	//   name: "vm-http"
	//   type: HTTP
	//   targets {
	//     shared_targets: "internal-vms"
	//   }
	// }
	SharedTargets []*SharedTargets `protobuf:"bytes,4,rep,name=shared_targets,json=sharedTargets" json:"shared_targets,omitempty"`
	// Resource discovery server
	RdsServer *proto3.ServerConf `protobuf:"bytes,95,opt,name=rds_server,json=rdsServer" json:"rds_server,omitempty"`
	// Port for the default HTTP server. This port is also used for prometheus
	// exporter (URL /metrics). Default port is 9313. If not specified in the
	// config, default port can be overridden by the environment variable
	Port *int32 `protobuf:"varint,96,opt,name=port" json:"port,omitempty"`
	// Port to run the default gRPC server on. If not specified, and if
	// environment variable CLOUDPROBER_GRPC_PORT is set, CLOUDPROBER_GRPC_PORT is
	// used for the default gRPC server. If CLOUDPROBER_GRPC_PORT is not set as
	// well, default gRPC server is not started.
	GrpcPort *int32 `protobuf:"varint,104,opt,name=grpc_port,json=grpcPort" json:"grpc_port,omitempty"`
	// TLS config, it can be used to:
	// - Specify client's CA cert for client cert verification:
	//     tls_config {
	//       ca_cert_file: "...."
	//     }
	// - Specify TLS cert and key:
	//     tls_config {
	//       tls_cert_file: "..."
	//       tls_key_file: "..."
	//     }
	GrpcTlsConfig *proto4.TLSConfig `protobuf:"bytes,105,opt,name=grpc_tls_config,json=grpcTlsConfig" json:"grpc_tls_config,omitempty"`
	// Host for the default HTTP server. Default listens on all addresses. If not
	// specified in the config, default port can be overridden by the environment
	// variable CLOUDPROBER_HOST.
	Host *string `protobuf:"bytes,101,opt,name=host" json:"host,omitempty"`
	// Probes are staggered across time to avoid executing all of them at the
	// same time. This behavior can be disabled by setting the following option
	// to true.
	DisableJitter *bool `protobuf:"varint,102,opt,name=disable_jitter,json=disableJitter,def=0" json:"disable_jitter,omitempty"`
	// How often to export system variables. To learn more about system variables:
	SysvarsIntervalMsec *int32 `protobuf:"varint,97,opt,name=sysvars_interval_msec,json=sysvarsIntervalMsec,def=10000" json:"sysvars_interval_msec,omitempty"`
	// Variables specified in this environment variable are exported as it is.
	// This is specifically useful to export information about system environment,
	// for example, docker image tag/digest-id, OS version etc. See
	// tools/ in the cloudprober directory for an example on
	// how to use these variables.
	SysvarsEnvVar *string `protobuf:"bytes,98,opt,name=sysvars_env_var,json=sysvarsEnvVar,def=SYSVARS" json:"sysvars_env_var,omitempty"`
	// Time between triggering cancelation of various goroutines and exiting the
	// process. If --stop_time flag is also configured, that gets priority.
	// You may want to set it to 0 if cloudprober is running as a backend for
	// the probes and you don't want time lost in stop and start.
	StopTimeSec *int32 `protobuf:"varint,99,opt,name=stop_time_sec,json=stopTimeSec,def=5" json:"stop_time_sec,omitempty"`
	// Global targets options. Per-probe options are specified within the probe
	// stanza.
	GlobalTargetsOptions *proto5.GlobalTargetsOptions `protobuf:"bytes,100,opt,name=global_targets_options,json=globalTargetsOptions" json:"global_targets_options,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ProberConfig) Descriptor deprecated

func (*ProberConfig) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use ProberConfig.ProtoReflect.Descriptor instead.

func (*ProberConfig) GetDisableJitter added in v0.10.2

func (x *ProberConfig) GetDisableJitter() bool

func (*ProberConfig) GetGlobalTargetsOptions

func (x *ProberConfig) GetGlobalTargetsOptions() *proto5.GlobalTargetsOptions

func (*ProberConfig) GetGrpcPort added in v0.10.3

func (x *ProberConfig) GetGrpcPort() int32

func (*ProberConfig) GetGrpcTlsConfig added in v0.11.4

func (x *ProberConfig) GetGrpcTlsConfig() *proto4.TLSConfig

func (*ProberConfig) GetHost added in v0.10.2

func (x *ProberConfig) GetHost() string

func (*ProberConfig) GetPort

func (x *ProberConfig) GetPort() int32

func (*ProberConfig) GetProbe

func (x *ProberConfig) GetProbe() []*proto.ProbeDef

func (*ProberConfig) GetRdsServer

func (x *ProberConfig) GetRdsServer() *proto3.ServerConf

func (*ProberConfig) GetServer

func (x *ProberConfig) GetServer() []*proto2.ServerDef

func (*ProberConfig) GetSharedTargets added in v0.10.5

func (x *ProberConfig) GetSharedTargets() []*SharedTargets

func (*ProberConfig) GetStopTimeSec added in v0.11.4

func (x *ProberConfig) GetStopTimeSec() int32

func (*ProberConfig) GetSurfacer

func (x *ProberConfig) GetSurfacer() []*proto1.SurfacerDef

func (*ProberConfig) GetSysvarsEnvVar

func (x *ProberConfig) GetSysvarsEnvVar() string

func (*ProberConfig) GetSysvarsIntervalMsec

func (x *ProberConfig) GetSysvarsIntervalMsec() int32

func (*ProberConfig) ProtoMessage

func (*ProberConfig) ProtoMessage()

func (*ProberConfig) ProtoReflect added in v0.11.4

func (x *ProberConfig) ProtoReflect() protoreflect.Message

func (*ProberConfig) Reset

func (x *ProberConfig) Reset()

func (*ProberConfig) String

func (x *ProberConfig) String() string

type SharedTargets added in v0.10.5

type SharedTargets struct {
	Name    *string            `protobuf:"bytes,1,req,name=name" json:"name,omitempty"`
	Targets *proto5.TargetsDef `protobuf:"bytes,2,req,name=targets" json:"targets,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SharedTargets) Descriptor deprecated added in v0.10.5

func (*SharedTargets) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use SharedTargets.ProtoReflect.Descriptor instead.

func (*SharedTargets) GetName added in v0.10.5

func (x *SharedTargets) GetName() string

func (*SharedTargets) GetTargets added in v0.10.5

func (x *SharedTargets) GetTargets() *proto5.TargetsDef

func (*SharedTargets) ProtoMessage added in v0.10.5

func (*SharedTargets) ProtoMessage()

func (*SharedTargets) ProtoReflect added in v0.11.4

func (x *SharedTargets) ProtoReflect() protoreflect.Message

func (*SharedTargets) Reset added in v0.10.5

func (x *SharedTargets) Reset()

func (*SharedTargets) String added in v0.10.5

func (x *SharedTargets) String() string

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