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func CollectGenTxsCmd

func CollectGenTxsCmd(genBalIterator types.GenesisBalancesIterator, defaultNodeHome string) *cobra.Command

    CollectGenTxsCmd - return the cobra command to collect genesis transactions

    func GenTxCmd

    func GenTxCmd(mbm module.BasicManager, genBalIterator types.GenesisBalancesIterator, defaultNodeHome string) *cobra.Command

      GenTxCmd builds the application's gentx command.

      func GetMigrationCallback

      func GetMigrationCallback(version string) types.MigrationCallback

        GetMigrationCallback returns a MigrationCallback for a given version.

        func GetMigrationVersions

        func GetMigrationVersions() []string

          GetMigrationVersions get all migration version in a sorted slice.

          func InitCmd

          func InitCmd(mbm module.BasicManager, defaultNodeHome string) *cobra.Command

            InitCmd returns a command that initializes all files needed for Tendermint and the respective application.

            func MigrateGenesisCmd

            func MigrateGenesisCmd() *cobra.Command

              MigrateGenesisCmd returns a command to execute genesis state migration.

              func ValidateGenesisCmd

              func ValidateGenesisCmd(mbm module.BasicManager) *cobra.Command

                Validate genesis command takes


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