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Published: Feb 23, 2020 | Licenses: MPL-2.0 , MPL-2.0 | Module:


type Mixin

type Mixin struct {


	LogAppend bool   `usage:"Append events to preexisting file instead of truncating it"`
	LogFile   string `usage:"File to receive JSON log events"`
	LogLevel  string

func (*Mixin) BindCobraFlags

func (m *Mixin) BindCobraFlags(cmd *cobra.Command) []string

Implements cage/cli/handler.Mixin

func (*Mixin) ErrToFile

func (m *Mixin) ErrToFile(errs ...error)

func (*Mixin) ExitOnErr

func (m *Mixin) ExitOnErr(code int, errs ...error)

func (*Mixin) Name

func (m *Mixin) Name() string

Implements cage/cli/handler/Mixin

func (*Mixin) PostRun

func (m *Mixin) PostRun(ctx context.Context)

Implements cage/cli/handler.PostRun

func (*Mixin) PreRun

func (m *Mixin) PreRun(ctx context.Context, args []string) error

Implements cage/cli/handler.PreRun

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