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var NewRandomSecretComponent func(string, ...string) Component

    Avoid an import loop. Sighs in Go.

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    var NewReadyStatusComponent func(...string) Component
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    var NewTemplateComponent func(string, string) Component


    func GetConditionsFor

    func GetConditionsFor(obj Object) (*[]conditions.Condition, error)

    func NewConditionsHelper

    func NewConditionsHelper(obj Object) *conditionsHelper


    type Component

    type Component interface {
    	Reconcile(*Context) (Result, error)

    type ConditionsObject

    type ConditionsObject interface {
    	GetConditions() *[]conditions.Condition

    type Context

    type Context struct {
    	Object         Object
    	Client         client.Client
    	UncachedClient client.Client
    	Log            logr.Logger
    	// Templates filesystem, mostly used through helpers but accessible directly too.
    	Templates http.FileSystem
    	// Name to use as the field manager with Apply.
    	FieldManager string
    	// API Scheme for use with other helpers.
    	Scheme *runtime.Scheme
    	// Arbitrary data used to communicate between components during a reconcile.
    	Data ContextData
    	// Event recorder to emit event objects.
    	Events record.EventRecorder
    	// Helper for setting status conditions.
    	Conditions *conditionsHelper
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    type ContextData

    type ContextData map[string]interface{}

    func (ContextData) GetString

    func (d ContextData) GetString(key string) (string, bool)

    type FinalizerComponent

    type FinalizerComponent interface {
    	Finalize(*Context) (Result, bool, error)

    type InitializerComponent

    type InitializerComponent interface {
    	Setup(*Context, *ctrl.Builder) error

    type Object

    type Object interface {

      An object that implements all the main object APIs, to avoid needing to cast so much. Idea borrowed from controller-runtime, but with ObjectKind added too.

      type ReadyConditionComponent

      type ReadyConditionComponent interface {
      	GetReadyCondition() string

      type Reconciler

      type Reconciler struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func NewReconciler

      func NewReconciler(mgr ctrl.Manager) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) Build

      func (r *Reconciler) Build() (controller.Controller, error)

      func (*Reconciler) Complete

      func (r *Reconciler) Complete() error

      func (*Reconciler) Component

      func (r *Reconciler) Component(name string, comp Component) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) For

      func (r *Reconciler) For(apiType runtime.Object, opts ...builder.ForOption) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) RandomSecretComponent

      func (r *Reconciler) RandomSecretComponent(keys ...string) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) ReadyStatusComponent

      func (r *Reconciler) ReadyStatusComponent(keys ...string) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) Reconcile

      func (r *Reconciler) Reconcile(req ctrl.Request) (ctrl.Result, error)

      func (*Reconciler) TemplateComponent

      func (r *Reconciler) TemplateComponent(template string, conditionType string) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) Templates

      func (r *Reconciler) Templates(t http.FileSystem) *Reconciler

      func (*Reconciler) Webhook

      func (r *Reconciler) Webhook() *Reconciler

      type Result

      type Result struct {
      	Requeue       bool
      	RequeueAfter  time.Duration
      	SkipRemaining bool