Package artifetcher downloads the artifact given a URL.



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    type ArtifactoryRequestError

    type ArtifactoryRequestError struct {
    	Err error

    func (ArtifactoryRequestError) Error

    func (e ArtifactoryRequestError) Error() string

    type Artifetcher

    type Artifetcher struct {
    	FileSystem *afero.Afero
    	Extractor  I.Extractor
    	Log        I.Logger

      Artifetcher fetches artifacts within a file system with an Extractor.

      func (*Artifetcher) Fetch

      func (a *Artifetcher) Fetch(url, manifest string) (string, error)

        Fetch downloads an artifact located at URL. It then passes it to the extractor with the manifest for unzipping.

        Returns a string to the unzipped artifacts path and an error.

        func (*Artifetcher) FetchZipFromRequest

        func (a *Artifetcher) FetchZipFromRequest(req *http.Request) (string, error)

          FetchZipFromRequest fetches files from a compressed zip file in the request body.

          Returns a string to the unzipped application path and an error.

          type CreateTempDirectoryError

          type CreateTempDirectoryError struct {
          	Err error

          func (CreateTempDirectoryError) Error

          func (e CreateTempDirectoryError) Error() string

          type CreateTempFileError

          type CreateTempFileError struct {
          	Err error

          func (CreateTempFileError) Error

          func (e CreateTempFileError) Error() string

          type GetStatusError

          type GetStatusError struct {
          	Url    string
          	Status string

          func (GetStatusError) Error

          func (e GetStatusError) Error() string

          type GetUrlError

          type GetUrlError struct {
          	Url string
          	Err error

          func (GetUrlError) Error

          func (e GetUrlError) Error() string

          type UnzipError

          type UnzipError struct {
          	Err error

          func (UnzipError) Error

          func (e UnzipError) Error() string

          type WriteResponseError

          type WriteResponseError struct {
          	Err error

          func (WriteResponseError) Error

          func (e WriteResponseError) Error() string


          Path Synopsis
          Package extractor unzips artifacts.
          Package extractor unzips artifacts.