Package executor runs commands against the Cloud Foundry binary.



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    type Executor

    type Executor struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Executor has a file system that is used to execute the Cloud Foundry CLI.

      func New

      func New(fileSystem *afero.Afero) (Executor, error)

        New returns a new Executor struct.

        func (Executor) CleanUp

        func (e Executor) CleanUp() error

          CleanUp removes the temporary directory of the Executor.

          func (Executor) Execute

          func (e Executor) Execute(args ...string) ([]byte, error)

            Execute takes a slice of string args and runs them together against the cf command on the Cloud Foundry binary.

            Returns the combined standard output and standard error.

            func (Executor) ExecuteInDirectory

            func (e Executor) ExecuteInDirectory(directory string, args ...string) ([]byte, error)

              ExecuteInDirectory does the same thing as Execute does, but does it in a specific directory.

              Returns the combined standard output and standard error.

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