Package creator creates dependencies upon initialization.



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    const ENDPOINT = "/v1/apps/:environment/:org/:space/:appName"

      ENDPOINT is used by the handler to define the deployment endpoint.


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      type Creator

      type Creator struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Creator has a config, eventManager, logger and writer for creating dependencies.

        func Custom

        func Custom(level string, configFilename string) (Creator, error)

          Custom returns a custom Creator with an Error.

          func Default

          func Default() (Creator, error)

            Default returns a default Creator and an Error.

            func (Creator) CreateConfig

            func (c Creator) CreateConfig() config.Config

              CreateConfig returns a Config.

              func (Creator) CreateControllerHandler

              func (c Creator) CreateControllerHandler() *gin.Engine

                CreateControllerHandler returns a gin.Engine that implements http.Handler. Sets up the controller endpoint.

                func (Creator) CreateCourier

                func (c Creator) CreateCourier() (I.Courier, error)

                  CreateCourier returns a courier with an executor.

                  func (Creator) CreateEventManager

                  func (c Creator) CreateEventManager() I.EventManager

                    CreateEventManager returns an EventManager.

                    func (Creator) CreateFileSystem

                    func (c Creator) CreateFileSystem() *afero.Afero

                      CreateFileSystem returns a file system.

                      func (Creator) CreateHTTPClient

                      func (c Creator) CreateHTTPClient() *http.Client

                        CreateHTTPClient return an http client.

                        func (Creator) CreateListener

                        func (c Creator) CreateListener() net.Listener

                          CreateListener creates a listener TCP and listens for all incoming requests.

                          func (Creator) CreateLogger

                          func (c Creator) CreateLogger() I.Logger

                            CreateLogger returns a Logger.

                            func (Creator) CreatePusher

                            func (c Creator) CreatePusher(deploymentInfo S.DeploymentInfo, response io.ReadWriter) (I.Pusher, error)

                              CreatePusher is used by the BlueGreener.

                              Returns a pusher and error.

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