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type Application

type Application struct {
	Name              string   `yaml:"name"`
	Memory            string   `yaml:"memory,omitempty"`
	Timeout           *uint16  `yaml:"timeout,omitempty"`
	Instances         *uint16  `yaml:"instances,omitempty"`
	Path              string   `yaml:"path,omitempty"`
	Java_opts         string   `yaml:"JAVA_OPTS,omitempty"`
	Command           string   `yaml:"command,omitempty"`
	Buildpack         string   `yaml:"buildpack,omitempty"`
	Disk_quota        string   `yaml:"disk_quota,omitempty"`
	Domain            string   `yaml:"domain,omitempty"`
	Domains           []string `yaml:"domains,omitempty"`
	Stack             string   `yaml:"stack,omitempty"`
	Health_check_type string   `yaml:"health-check-type,omitempty"`
	Host              string   `yaml:"host,omitempty"`
	Hosts             []string `yaml:"hosts,omitempty"`
	No_Hostname       string   `yaml:"no-hostname,omitempty"`
	Routes            []struct {
		Route string `yaml:"route,omitempty"`
	} `yaml:"routes,omitempty"`
	Services []string          `yaml:"services,omitempty"`
	Env      map[string]string `yaml:"env,omitempty"`

type Envvarhandler

type Envvarhandler struct {
	Logger     I.Logger
	FileSystem *afero.Afero

func (Envvarhandler) OnEvent

func (handler Envvarhandler) OnEvent(event S.Event) error

type Manifest

type Manifest struct {
	Name string
	Yaml string

	Log        I.Logger
	FileSystem *afero.Afero
	Content    manifestYaml
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Contains state of a m

    func CreateManifest

    func CreateManifest(appName string, content string, filesystem *afero.Afero, logger I.Logger) (manifest *Manifest, err error)

    func (*Manifest) AddEnvVar

    func (m *Manifest) AddEnvVar(name string, value string) (err error)

    func (*Manifest) AddEnvironmentVariables

    func (m *Manifest) AddEnvironmentVariables(env map[string]string) (result bool, err error)

    func (*Manifest) GetInstances

    func (m *Manifest) GetInstances() *uint16

      GetInstances reads a Cloud Foundry m as a string and returns the number of Instances defined in the m, if there are any.

      Returns a point to a uint16. If Instances are not found or less than 1, it returns nil.

      func (*Manifest) HasApplications

      func (m *Manifest) HasApplications() bool

      func (*Manifest) Marshal

      func (m *Manifest) Marshal() (content string)

      func (*Manifest) UnMarshal

      func (m *Manifest) UnMarshal() (result bool, err error)

      func (*Manifest) WriteManifest

      func (m *Manifest) WriteManifest(destination string, includePrefix bool) error

      type ManifestError

      type ManifestError struct {
      	Err error

      func (ManifestError) Error

      func (e ManifestError) Error() string