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type ClientError

type ClientError struct {
	Err error

func (ClientError) Error

func (e ClientError) Error() string

type HealthCheckError

type HealthCheckError struct {
	Endpoint string

func (HealthCheckError) Error

func (e HealthCheckError) Error() string

type HealthChecker

type HealthChecker struct {
	// OldURL is the prepend on the foundationURL to replace in order to build the
	// newly pushed application URL.
	// Eg: ""
	OldURL string

	// NewUrl is what replaces OldURL in the OnEvent function.
	// Eg: "cfapps"
	NewURL string

	Client  I.Client
	Courier I.Courier
	Log     I.Logger

    HealthChecker will check an endpoint for a http.StatusOK

    func (HealthChecker) Check

    func (h HealthChecker) Check(url, endpoint string) error

      Check takes a url and endpoint. It does an http.Get to get the response status and returns an error if it is not http.StatusOK.

      func (HealthChecker) OnEvent

      func (h HealthChecker) OnEvent(event S.Event) error

        OnEvent is used for the EventManager to do health checking during deployments. It will create the new application URL by combining the tempAppWithUUID to the domain URL.

        type LoginError

        type LoginError struct {
        	FoundationURL string

        func (LoginError) Error

        func (e LoginError) Error() string

        type MapRouteError

        type MapRouteError struct {
        	AppName string
        	Domain  string

        func (MapRouteError) Error

        func (e MapRouteError) Error() string

        type WrongEventTypeError

        type WrongEventTypeError struct {
        	Type string

        func (WrongEventTypeError) Error

        func (e WrongEventTypeError) Error() string